Which Is Better: Wearing Shoes Or Going Barefoot On Carpet?


Over the years, people have thought that walking barefoot on the carpet is best, but what most people don’t know is that this is a misconception. In fact, the advice from carpet cleaning experts is that you should wear socks or clean shoes with rubber soles. Our skin has the tendency to accumulate oil. As a result, we leave oil on the carpet every time we take a step.

Even small specks can have damaging effects. The oil left on the carpet fibers can attract dust, dirt and dander. The most insignificant amounts of oil may go unnoticed, but it actually accumulates over time. Although using shoes also attract dust, dander and mud, when worn on carpet, it just leaves behind small traces of soil that can be tidied up easily with a vacuum.

The best advice from carpet cleaning specialists is to have a pair of sanitary slippers ready at your front door to preserve the best condition of your carpet. Change the outdoor shoes into indoor slippers when stepping on your carpeted floor.



Sometimes, people equate going barefoot with taking off your regular shoes – shoes that you use to walk around on outdoors. If it’s a comparison between going barefoot and not taking off your shoes and dragging in dirt and grime from roads and floors outside, then most carpet specialists will say that barefoot would be better!

However, if you need to choose between going barefoot and wearing clean rubber-soled shoes or socks dedicated to indoor environments, then wearing clean rubber-soled dedicated to just indoor use makes the better choice.

Is it better to go barefoot or wear shoes when walking on carpet? The answer to the confusion of many is this: “It’s best to wear clean rubber soled shoes or socks.”

Picture credit: xavalox (License: Public Domain CC0)

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