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What Features To Consider In A Hoover Carpet Cleaning Machine?

Hoover carpet cleaning machines have become the most sought-after on the market. They provide a perfect balance of both performance and cost. Hoover carpet cleaners come in a vast selection. If shopping for one, here are the features to consider.

Here are tips to consider when shopping for Hoover carpet cleaning machine:

Brush System

A brush system determines the efficiency of a carpet cleaner. Hoover carpet cleaning machines are equipped with DualTech and SpinScrub technology. DualTech cleaning is the latest innovation system that combines the use of a row of rotating brush-roll with SpinScrub cleaning. The SpinScrub technology, on the other hand, applies a 360-degree cleaning to remove dirt from carpets and upholstery fibers.


Additionally, some Hoover carpet cleaners like the Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge and Hoover MaxExtract Dual V are also equipped with custom speed control feature to allow you select the type of cleaning you want. It can be changed from regular, gentle or off in case you want to pick up spills from the floor. Considering the brush system enables you to get the right cleaning machine.

The new Hoover Power Scrub Elite FH50251 comes with antimicrobial Spin Scrub brushes to prevent mold and mildew. This is an enhancement over the regular SpinScrub brushes.


Heavyweight carpet cleaners can be stressful to use. Lightweight cleaners are desirable to use when you are doing an extensive cleaning task. They are also easy to navigate through the hard-to-reach areas of your home. Most full-size upright Hoover cleaners weigh over 20 pounds. If you want to clean a multi-level home that involves hauling the machine up and down stairs, then you may need to consider those weighing less than 20 pounds.

Clean Surge for extra cleaning power

Clean surge enables you to control your carpet cleaning at the tip of your finger. Heavy traffic areas of your home carpets trap the most dirt and dust. Cleaning out such areas can be a whole hassle as it requires extra cleaning power. Clean surge applies extra detergent to remove stubborn dirt and stains from your carpets. The feature is positioned conveniently for hassle-free cleaning.

Size of the tank

Tank size is a critical factor that depicts the cleaning experience you can get from a Hoover carpet cleaner. Most upright carpet cleaners by Hoover come with a dual tank system to contain clean and dirty water. A cleaner with large tank capacity reduces the frequency of emptying and filling.

Wash and Rinse feature

This is beneficial especially if you are grooming office or commercial carpets. It reduces the time your carpets take to dry. Wash and Rinse mode sets Hoover carpet cleaners apart from other brands.

Multi-surface Carpet and Hard Floor cleaning

If you want to extend deep cleaning to your hard floors, then you may need to consider a cleaner with a multi-surface cleaning feature. Just attach a squeegee whenever you want to switch from carpeted to hard floors.


While vacuuming a carpet is necessary, giving them a good wash is beneficial especially when you are moving into a pre-occupied property. Carpet cleaning can be a pestering task but using a good carpet cleaner makes the chore interesting. You never know what’s hiding inside the fibers of that carpet. In fact, it can harbor all sorts of unhealthy bugs, dust, mites, pet urine and hairs which can make living unbearable especially if you are an allergy victim. We all love gleaming and dust-free floors more so if you are passionate about flooring or if you are a fan of a pile.

Clean and fresh looking carpets are ideal for healthy living. Buying a good carpet cleaner should be a priority if you want to enhance the look and life of your carpets. Hoover carpet cleaning machines come with lots of good features, and many customers rave about the results they have gotten.

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