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Video Of Bissell SpotClean Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner (QVC)

This is a quick overview of the Bissell SpotClean Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner on QVC. The presenter showed the features of the product and how it works.

The Bissell SpotClean Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner is a cordless rechargeable cleaner. It is the cordless version of the corded Bissell SpotClean Portable. The twenty-five volt lithium ion battery allows you to use it for twenty minutes non-stop.

This machine has good suctioning power and cleaning ability as compared to other good portable spot cleaners; the only thing that changed is that it is cordless and makes less noise. The portable cleaner weighs less than a gallon of milk and the lithium ion battery allows you to store the cleaner without losing battery charge. It allows you to remove spills like red wine, salsa, and energy drink on carpets before they turn to stains.

Bissell SpotClean Professional 3624 Portable Carpet Cleaner review


The three-in-one stair tool attachment can remove stains in the flat part, the edge, and even the crevice while the small stain brush attachment can be used to clean children’s car seats. It is like portable washing machine perfect for any spills or stains that you need to clean quickly. The product was being sold for a hundred and fifty dollars.

This video is useful for anyone looking for a quick and handy cleaner. The light and cordless cleaner allows you to clean spills on any carpets quickly. This is also perfect for pet owners since pets may dirty the carpet area and you need to remove these stains quickly. Since it is powered by lithium ion, you can use the machine even after a long storage period. It is very convenient, easy to use.

The video showed how easily the product can remove spills, like red wine, energy drink, salsa, sour cream, cheese sauce, and yogurt in any type of carpets. It also showed how handy, easy to use the product is.


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