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Dealing With Wet Carpets And The Threat Of Molding

Mold in carpets can develop in damp and humid environments. If water stays in the carpet for more than a day or two, it becomes a breeding ground for mold. It gets worse if the humidity is high as well. Removing moisture from the carpet fibers should be done quickly. Mold spore growth can be […]

How to Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

For a lot of households, having a good carpet cleaner for home use is all that is needed for clean carpet maintenance. However, sometimes, professional help can be make sense. In those cases, choosing a good professional carpet cleaning company to clean and maintain your carpets is vital. There are many who claim to be […]

Buy a Carpet Cleaner or Use a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

Should you buy a carpet cleaner or hire a professional carpet cleaning service? Both options have their own share of pros and cons. Take time to weigh their benefits as well as the drawbacks carefully so you can decide which is more suited for your specific case. Advantages Of Buying Lower Cost Buying your own […]