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Bonnet Dry Cleaning vs Steam Carpet Cleaning Side-by-Side Video Demo

This video demonstrates side-by-side, the difference between the Bonnet Dry Cleaning and Steam Carpet Cleaning methods. This is a very useful video to watch for anyone curious about carpet cleaning, or is looking for a good way to clean their carpets or for tips on selecting a good professional cleaner. The demonstration is done by […]

Dry Carpet Cleaning Or Steam Carpet Cleaning?

The two most main methods of carpet cleaning are dry cleaning and steam cleaning. The argument on the most effective method can generate quite a bit of debate amongst carpet cleaning specialists. Which is better? Let’s take a look. Dry Carpet Cleaning Bonnet Dry Cleaning This is a dry cleaning method, which involves spraying a […]

Is Dry Carpet Cleaning Really Green & Clean?

Many people view professional dry carpet cleaning as a favorable option, since they are associated with being “green” and environmentally friendly. Before choosing their services, it is essential to study the benefits and detrimental effects. Sometimes, things are not what they appear or have been advertised to be. Many companies using the dry carpet cleaning […]

Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Choosing the right cleaning solution for your carpet is important because regularly cleaning the carpet helps you to maintain the quality and color of your carpet for a long time. To determine the right cleaning solution for your carpet, here are four tips that you use: 1. Research about carpet cleaning methods The five different […]