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How to Remove Coffee Stains from Your Carpet

Coffee stains in your carpet can be an unwelcome blemish on an otherwise lovely carpet. However, it can be remedied by taking the proper steps, even if you do not have a carpet cleaning machine or spot cleaner. Here are steps on what to do next. Step By Step Process Of Cleaning Out Coffee Stains […]

Carpet Cleaning Tip For Grease Stains

Here is a short video demonstrating how to clean carpet grease stains. The presenter is a carpet cleaning instructor for professional cleaners. This is an excerpt from his video series. Grease spots are typically found around entry ways, near the front and back doors, near the kitchen or by the garages. He uses dry solvents […]

Home Carpet Cleaning Tips

Are you finding your home carpet slowly losing its beauty? The continuous use and exposure to dust, dirt, and other particles is causing this. Previously, we have blogged about the importance of regular home carpet cleaning. Here are some home carpet cleaning tips to help you maintain its beauty without wasting much of your time […]