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Steps To Removing Coffee Stain On Carpet (Video Demo)

This is a video demonstration on how to remove a coffee stain from a carpet. If you have a coffee stain, even an old one, this methodology can work. As for the coffee stain removal items needed, its several white clothes and a coffee stain remover. We have some notes on the coffee remover below, and there is a home-made solution suggestion.

Even if you can’t find the exact type of coffee stain remover used in the video, you can substitute with a coffee stain remover such as this one. It’s not too expensive and has gotten a lot of positive reviews from users regarding coffee stains. It can also be used for other types of tannin stains like tea, wine and juice stains. One user spilled a full cup of hot coffee on a light colored deep pile carpet and was not able to get the stain out using other types of cleaners, but this worked.

For lighter or smaller coffee stains, you could try using home-made stain removing solutions consisting of dish-washing detergent and water mix (1 teaspoon detergent to 1 cup of water). A more detailed explanation is provided here. The principles of agitation, blotting and applying the stain remover stays the same.

If you are tired of manually dealing with carpet stains every now and then, you could also consider getting a portable spot cleaner. These are small cleaning machines that automate the process of scrubbing/agitation and blotting. The spot cleaning machines have a vacuum mechanism built in to vacuum out the water and stain detergent solution. It’s one way to save time and manual effort involved with blotting and scrubbing the carpet threads.







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