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Stain-Cleaning with Martha Stewart and Meurice Garment Care

In this video, TV personality Martha Stewart and Wayne Edelman, President of Meurice Garment Care (New York), demonstrate how to remove common stains from clothes. It is an important introduction to the basics of stain removal. The video is also useful for people who want to save a trip to the cleaner’s, especially since the ingredients for the cleaning solutions are cheap and readily available in your home.

Edelman, in particular, stressed the importance of identifying the origin of the stain, which in turn will determine which cleaning solution will be used to treat it. This is a good reminder because using the wrong solution could actually result in disaster, making the stain set or get worse.

Blood, for example, which is a protein-based stain, will be removed most efficiently by mixing a solution made of water, liquid detergent, and ammonia. He commented on how this solution remove the blood stain, and hydrogen peroxide mixed with ammonia can be used to bleach out its appearance as a follow-up step.

For tannin-based stains like wine and grass, replace the ammonia from with white vinegar.

At the end of every demonstration, it is clear that the stains no longer appear on the surface of the clothing. As Stewart remarks later in the video, stain-cleaning is indeed more of a science than an art.


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