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Should You Carpet the Stairs?

Hoover Power Scrub cleaning stairs

Using the Hoover Power Scrub to clean stairs. Image credit: Hoover.com. Read Hoover Power Scrub Review >

Deciding whether to carpet the stairs or go for hardwood/laminated stairs has its pros and cons. There are a lot of factors to consider like cost involved, safety, and cleaning routine. Also, when you choose to carpet your stairs, nail marks or adhesive glue can leave permanent marks on your wood.

Below is a list of pros and cons to help you decide on whether to carpet your stairs or not:

Pros: Safety
Wood stairs tend to be slippery especially when liquid is accidentally spilled onto it. It could cause someone to slip and fall. Carpeted stairs reduces hazard and is a softer place to land in case someone slips. Carpeted stairs means less injuries and accidents.



Cons: Cleaning
The moment you place a carpet anywhere in your house, it starts to accumulate dust and dirt. It takes more effort to clean and vacuum it. You also need to keep the carpet dry or else it might develop odors. It is easier to keep wood stairs dry and clean with a quick wipe down.

Pros: Decorative
A carpeted stairway adds a warm touch to the overall look of your house. You can match it with your furniture or compliment the color of your walls. It’s an easy way to update the look of your house.

Cons: Cost and Installation
Quality carpets can be costly. Installation could take some time too. There are two methods used when carpeting stairs, the waterfall and the French method. The less time consuming method would be the waterfall. The French method requires more time and a skilled installer but produces better results. Check out these tips on how to save when installing new carpets.

Pros: Less Noise
One advantage of having your stairs carpeted is that there will be less noise. If you have kids who love to run around the house, including the stairs, you might want to opt for carpeted stairs.

Cons: Permanent Damage
The installation of carpet in your stairs will require the use of wires, industrial staplers, or adhesive glue that could leave permanent damage to your stairs. If you decide to remove your carpet in the future, you will be required to refinish your stairs again.

It’s really a matter of preference when deciding whether to carpet your stairs or go for wood. Both have pros and cons. They also both entail costs. The best choice for you would be the one that suits your budget and lifestyle.

When you do decide to carpet your stairs, you can consult professionals to find out what packages are available for you. Aside from the usual aesthetic considerations such as the color and thickness of the carpet, you also have to take a look at the practical aspects of your home redecorating project.

Ask about details such as project duration, the qualifications and credentials of the people who will install the carpets, and warranties among others. Most carpet professionals do not offer warranties for damages resulting from normal wear and tear. You should, however, be able to get a warranty for damages due their worker’s mistakes.

As with anything, always go for quality services. In some instances, you might have to pay a little more to ensure that your carpet will last for years.







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