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Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner Review

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor CleanerThe Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner Cleaning System lifts and removes dirt in carpeting and removes stuck-down dirt on hard floors as well. The system first removes visible dirt, after which it activates a special low-moisture, no-rinse solution to attack and loosen stuck-down dirt lying deep in the carpet. The Shark Sonic Duo also cleans and polishes hard-surface and hardwood floors.

Model Variations: The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner comes in model numbers KD450WM, Kd450W and ZZ550. They are basically the same cleaner that have been advertised on TV, with model numbers reflecting differences in packaging and accessories. On Shark’s website, they list the item as model KD450WM. This is the same model listed at Walmart.com. Some shoppers have commented that Walmart.com offers a really good discount.

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner Features & Benefits

Rapid Scrubbing Action – Stuck-on dirt, and not surface dirt, is one of the leading causes of both stains and odors in carpeting. The technology incorporated into the Shark Sonic Duo KD450WM/ZZ550 focuses on removing stuck-on dirt quickly and efficiently. This is accomplished by a combination of a special cleaning solution and rapid scrubbing action. The Sonic Duo scrubs carpets 1,000 times per minute or 16 times each second.

Lightweight With Slim – At under 10 lbs, this unit is less than half the weight of regular upright carpet cleaners. It’s even lighter than the usual lightweight carpet cleaners. Users do not need to carry around a large water tank filled with water either to operate the machine.

Deep Cleans Carpets And Hard Floors – The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner can be used on carpets and rugs; as well as hardwood flooring, tiles, stone and vinyl. Shark does warn against using this on highly worn floors, or floors with wax or oil finishes.



Designed Primarily for Routine Maintenance – Regular use of the Shark Sonic Duo on carpets, as well as on hard surfaces, greatly reduces accumulations of dirt, dust, and grime while at the same time keeping allergens and unpleasant odors at bay. Using the Shark Sonic Duo on pet stains is particularly effective.

Low Moisture Cleaning Solution – With the Shark Sonic carpet cleaner you no longer have to wait an hour or more for a carpet to dry after it has been cleaned. The special low-moisture cleaning solution combined with the scrubbing action, removes stuck-down dirt. The dirt and cleaning solution is then vacuumed up and out of the carpet.

Airglide Maneuverability – Thanks to the micro fiber cleaning pads, the Sonic Duo glides effortlessly over the surface or carpet to be cleaned. There is no need to be fighting powerful suction. The cleaning solution in the cleaning pads, together with only enough suction needed to remove loosened dirt does the job. For added maneuverability, this Shark Sonic carpet cleaner features swivel steering.

Headlights – It is equipped with headlights to illuminate out-of-the-way and poorly lit areas.

Reusable Cleaning Pads – Whereas some carpet and floor cleaners of this type use disposable pads, the pads supplied with the Sonic Duo are washable and reusable. Not having to periodically replace disposable pads saves both time and money. Each of the four large-size pads is color coded in accordance with the surface it is best suited to be used on.

Color-Coded System – The cleaning pads are color coded in accordance with their intended use. The hardfloor pads have a green trim, while the carpet pads have a purple trim. The cleaning solutions (which are non-toxic to pets or children) are also color coded for the same reason. Various parts of the Sonic Duo are also color coded, making it easy to configure the machine to fit the task at hand.

Long 22 Feet Cord – The long cord allows a lot of cleaning to be done without having to stop and plug in the cleaner.


Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner Overall Review

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner

Deep Cleans Carpets Well

The Shark Sonic carpet cleaner performs amazingly well on tough older stains and pet stains, even though it is primarily used as a tool to freshen up carpets and maintain their cleanliness, supplemented by deeper level cleanings. More than one user has been pleasantly surprised at how well the machine attacks tough, embedded stains. Does it work well on both plush and Berber carpets? The answer in each case is a definite yes.

At first glance, it may be easy to dismiss the machine’s deep carpet cleaning capabilities. This is especially when you consider how much cleaning action is visible with typical home upright deep cleaners that will scrub and shampoo carpets, then suction out the horrific dirt and water mix into a water tank.

The deep cleaning process may not be as thorough as a dedicated carpet cleaner like the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe, but it works. It’s known to remove set-in pet stains. Shark advertises their cleaner as being able to remove 4X more stuck on dirt on carpets than vacuum cleaners, and it does not sound like an exaggeration at all.

Watch Video Demo of Shark Sonic Duo

How The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet Cleaning Process Works

The Shark Sonic Duo carpet cleaner works differently from regular home carpet cleaning machines. The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet uses more of a “dry carpet cleaning” process than the hot water extraction process that powers standard home carpet cleaners. The Sonic Duo uses a low-moisture carpet cleaning process that scrubs at a supersonic rate. This removes surface dirt into the pad.

The Shark cleaning solution will at the same time penetrate the carpet deeply, and attach to the dirt that are in deeper parts of the carpet. As the solution dries, the dirt becomes dehydrated and falls off. Users then vacuum the dirt way.

So to properly deep clean carpets, this Shark Sonic Duo KD450WM/ ZZ550 machine does require users to vacuum the carpet once it dries, to suction out the deep down dirt that has been treated. You can tell the process works – a lot of users have commented on a noticeable difference in their carpets upon vacuuming it. This is the vacuuming after they’ve cleaned the area with their Shark Sonic Duo carpet cleaner.

Light & Easy to Use

Because of the Airglide feature, the Swivel Steering capability, and its light weight, this carpet and hard floor cleaner is easier to work with than most upright vacuum cleaners or regular carpet cleaners.

It is so light to use, you could be excused for wondering whether it is doing any work at all. Does it work? The answer is a definite yes. It does an excellent job of cleaning, and being lightweight, doesn’t wear the user out in the process.

Vacuuming At The End of the Carpet Cleaning Process is Important

When cleaning carpets, the Shark Sonic Duo KD450WM/ ZZ550 acts more like a rug shampooer that deep cleans rather than a steam mop cleaner that only cleans and freshens the surface. With this system, the deeply embedded dirt and stains will loosen and need to be vacuumed out. The best results will be obtained only if the carpet is vacuumed afterward. When maintaining a relatively clean carpet, vacuum cleaning may not always be necessary after cleaning the carpet.

A Great Choice for Pet Owners

The rapid scrubbing action and suction brings up pet stains that have worked their way over time deep down into carpeting. The cleaning solutions provided also do and excellent job of removing stains and odors left by pets. Being lightweight, it can be brought and used frequently. Pet stains and messes can be cleaned often without feeling challenged by the weight of a typical upright carpet machine.

Things to Look Out For

Using the Shark cleaning solutions brings out the best in the cleaner, even though in some locations they can sometimes be hard to find. The Shark ingredients are designed to provide optimum cleaning (or polishing) when used with the micro fiber pads. Using the low-moisture solution is especially important for optimum results. The cleaning solutions most often purchased alongside this cleaner are Shark Sonic carpet cleaner and Shark Hard Floor Cleaner.

For hard floor cleaning, the Shark Sonic Duo cleaner machine does a superb job with all types of floor surfaces, such as tiles and vinyl flooring. However, it may not totally remove grout. A number of users ended up doing manual scrubbing when it came to cleaning the grout.

The Shark Duo head has a low profile, but if you lay the handle down to get it under furniture the machine will turn off. This is seldom a significant problem as the Shark Duo can reach just about anywhere a standard vacuum can reach.

Should You Buy The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner?

The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner is best recommended for users who want a lightweight and easy-to-use carpet cleaner that does its job well; and for users who will benefit from a combo carpet and hard floor cleaning unit. It is a well-designed machine that maintains carpet cleanliness and get rid of stains. It is not meant for heavy duty carpet cleaning, though.


Not sure about the Shark Sonic Duo Cleaner? Check out top carpet and hard floor cleaners such as the Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain and Hoover MaxExtract 77. For more carpet cleaner choices, check out our list of the best 10 carpet cleaners.

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