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Removing Soda Stains From Carpet

Soda is everyone’s favorite drink, but they are messy when spilled. This video is good to watch for those who are seeking ways to get rid of soda stains on their carpet or are just curious enough to want to know a new way of removing carpet stains. The demonstration is conducted by a professional who owns a carpet cleaning service.

This video demonstrates how the common combination of water and detergent does not only make squeaky clean dishes and utensils, but also stain-free carpets. As the video shows, one just has to apply the water and detergent solution on the area where soda has been spilt and then wipe it off with a cloth to get very good results. A shop vacuum cleaner (wet vac or shop vac) may then be used to suction out the moisture.

If you don’t already have a shop vac, and all you are looking for is a cleaner for carpet stains, consider getting a portable carpet cleaner unit. It is a specially designed system that comes with a brush and wet suction, making it easy to remove those unsightly stains.

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