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Removing Red Wine Stains Using Vodka

This video is an instructional one on how to remove red wine stains from carpets using vodka, a clear alcohol. It is, however, best to employ this method while the stain is still fresh. Otherwise, it might prove harder (or take longer) to clean up the spot.

What may be surprising about this video is the fact that one alcohol could be cleaned up by another. The narrator confirmed that this could indeed be done, and that the advice, as stated in the comment section, came from a professional carpet cleaner. Apparently, the clear alcohol would be able to remove the stain, but it would not be strong enough to cause any lasting damage to the carpet.

Before pouring the vodka, however, it was advised to blot out as much of the stain as possible, especially if it is still wet. Rubbing is ill-advised as it might spread the spot, so blotting is preferred. This can be a delicate balance.

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Any kind of clear alcohol could be used, including rubbing alcohol, but for the video, vodka was used to remove the red wine stain. After pouring, by this time, the vodka would have done its job, but just in case, blot some more on the spot to get rid of the stain altogether.

Although the demonstration is for cleaning a red wine stain, this method could also clean other types of stains.

If you are facing these spot cleaning challenges every now and then and find it tiring, consider using a gadget like a portable carpet cleaner. These machines have a motor that will suction the water out of the carpet spot being cleaned. You will be need to use cleaning solutions that are compatible with the machine. A sample bottle is usually included.

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