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Removing Pet Stain With Vinegar

The video is very helpful to anyone who is looking for a cheap way to remove unwanted stains on a carpet using a very common household item. Vinegar is an indispensable cooking ingredient or flavor-enhancing condiment but this time, a video proves it can be used to remove pet stains. The demonstrator is a practical homemaker with whom others can relate to.

One may apply pure vinegar or a mixture with water to the stained portion of a carpet and use a brush, towel or rag to aid in removing the stain. Good results can be expected after using this technique for the first time, but as the demonstrator attests, the liquid has to be reapplied once or twice after the first application to get rid of the stain completely.

Removing pet stains with vinegar is an effective yet cheap alternative. However, because of the need to repeat the process, it may not be suitable for people who expect an immediate solution.

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