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Remove Any Carpet Stain – Martha Stewart’s Tips

This video is essentially a how-to guide for cleaning or removing any kind of carpet stains. Anduin Havens, who demonstrates the stain removals, also suggested that homeowners ought to keep a cleaning kit at hand. This is a good investment, especially since the components of such a kit are readily available at home or, if not, can be easily bought.

A carpet stain removal kit should contain both white cloth and paper towels, ammonia, rubbing alcohol, both plain and soapy water, white vinegar, acetone, a toothbrush, and even a knife, which is used to scrape off substances like ketchup (as demonstrated in the video) from carpets.

Aside from the demonstration, Havens also reminded viewers to be watchful of the substances they are using as well as the materials they are using them on. For example, you avoid using colored towels when using ammonia because it could transfer the color onto the carpet. Instead, only use white towels to dab at the stains.

To make the process of cleaning carpet stains easier, a portable spot cleaner unit could be a good investment. They have a water extraction mechanism that will suction the dirty water out instead of having to dab a spot dry with towels. It’s especially helpful for pet owners or homes with children inadvertently leaving stains on carpets. A basic portable usually costs anywhere from $60 to $100. To learn more, check out some spot cleaner reviews here.

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