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Professional/ Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines Reviews

Professional or light commercial grade carpet cleaning machines increasingly bought by home users who want the best carpet cleaning performance and experience available. These machines are also purchased by commercial cleaning crews who want an inexpensive, effective and easy-to-use carpet cleaner to take around with them. Another group of customers who purchase these machines are apartment and motel owners who need a good powerful machine for their properties.

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Professional or commercial grade machines are built to much higher standards than regular home-use carpet cleaners. In addition to better cleaning performances, these machines offer users a longer lasting and very much trouble-free usage experience. The main downside is that they cost $200 to $300 more than regular upright cleaners. If you are not sure whether to go with a professional or regular grade model, check out this list or in-depth comparison. Below are the best professional grade carpet cleaning machines for home users.

Best Professional/Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines

1. Bissell 86T3 Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine (Home Users)

Bissell 86T3 Big Green Deep Cleaning MachineThe Bissell 86T3 Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine is the best rated professional grade carpet cleaner machine on the market today. Highlights include:

  • Best cleaning power in the professional/light commercial category
  • Better cleaning performance than regular upright cleaners and common rental carpet cleaners
  • New efficient design from 2010
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to use
  • Virtually free from common carpet cleaning machine problems
  • Superior workmanship and engineering – the machine is built-to-last
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty (Non-Commercial Use)

If you are looking for the best cleaning results in combination with a smooth and lasting user-experience, this is the best home carpet cleaner that money can buy, bar none. Full Review >>



2. Bissell BG10 BigGreen Commercial Deep Carpet Cleaner (Business Users)

Bissell BG10 BigGreen Commercial Deep Carpet CleanerThe Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 Deep Carpet Cleaner is best suited for business users seeking an effective and low cost carpet extractor for commercial cleaning jobs. The Bissell BG10 is the same machine is the Bissell Big Green 86T3 Deep Cleaning Machine listed above (same points of “Best Cleaning Power, Easy to use” apply, except for the warranty).

The notable differences are in the packaging: the BG10 comes with a yellow power cord that is detachable, and the package does not include any hose and tool attachments for cleaning upholstery or stairs (can be separately purchased). Besides the differences in packaging, the Bissell BG10 has a shorter warranty period of 1 year (commercial use OK) compared to the Bissell 86T3 Deep Cleaning Machine’s 5-year warranty (restricted to non-commercial use).

Since both sell for about the same price, the Bissell 86T3 is the better deal for home users, whereas the Bissell BG10 is the better choice for commercial users. Full Review >>

3. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 (Home Users)

rug doctor mighty pro machineThe Rug Doctor Mighty Pro is the most widely known professional or light commercial grade carpet cleaner in the US today. It has enormous brand recognition, since for decades, it has been the most common rental carpet cleaner found in grocery stores across the country. There’s a reason it’s so successful – the machine performs at a high level and is built-to-last. Highlights include:

  • Vibrating brush technology effectively loosens dirty
  • Proven commercial grade results – cleans better than regular carpet cleaners
  • Easy to Use
  • Long 12 inch hose to clean hard to reach areas
  • Very long history/track record of powerful cleaning performance
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty (Non-Commercial Use)

If you are seeking commercial quality cleaning performance provided by a well-built and reliable machine that will last, the Rug Doctor is definitely worthy of careful consideration. Full Review >>

Professional/Commercial grade machines are best recommended for home users in these situations:

  • Users who want the best carpet cleaning machines available for the cleanest and most hassle-free do-it-yourself carpet cleaning experience.
  • Have a budget of $400 or more to spend on a Professional/Commercial grade cleaner machine.
  • Large areas of dirty carpets that need thorough cleaning – professional grade machines have better cleaning power than regular upright cleaners.
  • Minimize possibilities of dealing with carpet cleaner machine malfunctions.
  • Have not been satisfied with their experience with a regular upright cleaner in the past, and motivated to go for something better.
  • Don’t mind the bulkier build and heavier weight of a Professional/Commercial grade machine.

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