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Our Review Process

Each of the carpet cleaner reviews here is based on detailed research and aggregating feedback and reviews from consumers. We also research into the manuals and model specifications from manufacturers.

We have expertise in what carpet cleaner performance factors to look into and how to compare performance across a broad spectrum of carpet cleaner brands and models. We compile in detail all the results from our meta-research and present them in a coherent review format.

We’ve found that aggregating feedback and reviews across a larger number of actual machine users provide a more realistic and helpful picture than relying on the test results from a single source, even if that source is us. At the same time, we test a limited number of machine models as a supplement to our research.

We always strive for objectivity and to present a rounded picture of the machine usage experience for our readers. We avoid individual bias by painstakingly researching into feedback from a large sample of customers. We do not allow retailers, brands, and merchants to influence our editorial.

The areas of carpet cleaner performance that we look into typically include:

Features, Specifications and their Usability

Carpet cleaner machines are built to different sizes with different combinations of features, such as motorized brushing, internal heating elements, suction power, nozzle width span, separated clean/dirty water tanks, cleaning modes, detergent mixing, attachments, tool add-ons and more.

We assess the usefulness and ease of use of these features. Some are very important and helpful, while others may sound fanciful but have less impact on improving the user experience.

Pet Stains Cleaning

Since a large percentage of carpet cleaner machines users are pet owners, we assess the usefulness of the machine for pet-related stains. We also consider if there are pet tool accessories or particular design elements that make the experience easier for pet owners.

We are always interested in how we can improve our site’s editorial content. Please contact us anytime with your feedback, or if you have specific questions. We will appreciate it and help out the best we can.


Emmeline Chu (About me)
Chief Reviewer

Emmeline Chu