Mytee Lite Carpet Extractor 8070 Review

Mytee Lite Carpet Extractor 8070
The Mytee Lite Carpet Extractor 8070 is the ideal heated carpet extractor for small car detail shops and mobile detailers. It’s also a good commercial-grade cleaner for other uses like cleaning seats upholstery, rooms, apartments, rentals, offices, homes, sofas and more.

Despite its compact and small build, the Mytee Lite 8070 model packs a lot of power – enough to handle tough carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs effectively and with ease. Equipped with a powerful and efficient 3-stage vacuum, 1000 W on-board heating system, and 120 PSI pump, many customers have found it to be worth every cent they spent on their purchase.

Mytee Lite Carpet Extractor 8070 Features and Benefits

Mytee Lite 8070 Auto Carpet Cleaner

On-Board Internal Heater

The Mytee Lite has a powerful 1000W internal heater on-board that heats up water for effective deep cleaning. It produces water up to a maximum temperature of 210 °F. The hot water water is able to quickly get rid of stubborn dirt and grease.

Superior Motor and Suction Power

This Mytee Lite cleaning extractor 8070 comes with a 120 PSI pump, and an output of 1.3 GPM. This is impressive metrics that matches even more pricey high-end commercial grade cleaner models.

Further, the 3-stage vacuum motor boasts of a high 130″ of water lift and 100 CFM.

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, which measure the amount of air the motor can deliver to the vacuum through the hose per minute. Water lift measures the maximum height water can be pulled up a column. These two are both necessary for superior suction performance. A high water lift combined with CFM, like you see in this case, means that a lot of dirty particles and stains infused water can be sucked out to effectively clean out the upholstery and carpeting.

High Capacity Tanks

The carpet extractor has two tanks that can hold a total of 4 gallons of water. One tank contains clean water, while the other acts as the recovery tank for dirty water

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Portable Equipment with Easy-Push Handle

Weighing only 48 lbs and measuring 33″ x 12″ x 36.5″ with the handle, and 18″ x 12″ x 28.5″ without the handle, the cleaner is compact and easy to move from one car to another or from one spot to another.

The easy-push handle makes it even easier to store and transport.

Functional 4″ Upholstery Tool

The 4″ upholstery tool that comes straight out of the box is made of stainless steel. It’s a solid accessory, not a flimpsy attachment tool. The 4″ cleaning head is perfect for auto detailing and cleaning upholstery.

For customers looking to use this as a floor carpet cleaner, a larger Mytee floor cleaning wand accessory would be better suited for the task. This can be purchased separately.

Convenient Water Fill & Drainage Hoses

The equipment’s faucet fill hose is equipped with a faucet adapter that facilitates filling of the solution tank. The water tank can be filled using the fill hose with adapter or through an opening using a bucket.

Although dirty water will accumulate in the recovery tank after each cleaning, draining this dirty water is made easy through the recovery tank drain hose. Note that the hose drains near the bottom of cleaner, so it will be most convenient to drain the water out near the groud, such to into a drain outside.

Long Hose Reach

Mytee carpet extractor 8070 hose
With a long maximum reach of 15′ 1/4″, the flexible vacuum and internal solution hoses can be used to reach out and deeply clean spots in diferrent parts of the car or carpeted areas. The hoses feature Mytee’s Cuff-Lynx™ Ready for easy attachment.

The hose is covered with Heatguard™ wrap, which is made from neoprene wetsuit material.

Caster Wheels

The cleaner has 6″ wheels for easy manueverbility. In addition, the front of the machine features 2″ casters that can be locked into position. This provides additional stability and prevent unnecessary movements, so the machine user can focus on the cleaning job.

Durable Housing

With the Mytee® roto-molded housing, the Lite II 8070 model has been built to last, even with heavy duty use.

Lighted Power Cord

At 25′, the long, lighted power cord allows you to move the cleaner from one location to another without having to change power sources. The indicator plug glows to indicate that the cord has power.


The vacuum motor, pump, and heating system are covered by a 1-year manufacturing warranty, while the cabinet is backed by a manufacturing warranty of 5 years.

Mytee Lite Carpet Extractor 8070 Overall Review

Mytee Lite 8070 Carpet Extractor Cleaner

Excellent Cleaning Power

According to feedback from a lot customers, the Mytee Lite 8070 demonstrates excellent cleaning power. It’s cleaning power comes from it’s powerful motor and suction power and a solid internal heater on-board that really gets the water temperature hot.

At one car detailing shop, the person-in-charge said that this machine was able to clean out the worst of stains easily. She was surprised by how little effort it took with the right equipment. The removal of stains resulted in the removal of odors that came with it, making all of the small effort that was needed doubly worthwhile.

Another customer who used this for cleaning a theater hall with upholstery seats was similarly impressed with the cleaning power this machine offered. According to him, the heated water took out unsightly food stains in no time and quickly sped up cleaning time tremendously.

Compared to other portable carpet cleaners he has used before, the Mytee Lite II 8070 cleaned a lot faster. The heat of the machine was able to melt away much of the food stains left behind by patrons, so he did not need to spend extra time scraping and scrubbing. The powerful suction of the machine reached also deep into the upholstery for more thorough cleaning.

Best-Selling Auto Detailing Carpet Cleaner

The Mytee Lite 8070 cleaner machine is the best-selling auto-detailing cleaner currently on the market. Again and again, it has been the most popular portable car upholstery and carpet machine that has been recommended by one auto detailer to another in the industry. The main benefits are the powerful cleaning results with minimal effort, fast dry time (so they can serve more customers) and ease of use.

Together, this allowed them to earn back the cost of the machine quickly and build up profits.

One auto detailer said that this Mytee Lite extractor has given him an excellent return on investment. The heating works quickly and the powerful suction brings out more water and gets the car interior clean and dry faster. The cleaning performance keeps customers happy. In addition, the fast dry time allows him to serve more customers each day.

Another auto detail business manager said that the machine has been a really worthwhile investment. His comments echoes that of many other auto detailers as well: the hot water was able to remove tough stains, and the suction pull was strong and got the car interiors dry fast. Moreover, he said that the machine was easy to assemble and use, and easy to disassemble as well.

For Small Car Detailing Shops

To be clear, this is an entry level machine for small car detailing shops, home auto detailing businesses or car shops looking to start providing interior detailing services on the side. If you have a larger operation, Mytee and other brands offers other higher-grade models that you may want to compare this to.

As a portable machine, the Mytee Lite 8070 extractor is also great for driveway auto detailers and mobile auto detailers.

Other Commercial Uses/ As a Home Carpet Cleaner

Besides being used by car detailing operations nationwide, the Mytee Lite II 8070 is a high quality carpet cleaning machine that works well for other commercial uses and household uses as well.

It’s combination of motor power, portability and price hits a sweet spot for customers who want a more powerful machine than a standard Rug Doctor machine or consumer-grade machine. If you are dealing with dirty carpeting or upholstery a lot of time, the high power of this machine makes the carpet cleaning job much, much easier than light commercial or domestic use cleaners.

At the same time, this really powerful carpet cleaning equipment is less expensive and less bulky than larger commercial cleaners or truck mounted carpet extractors. It’s compact size makes it portable enough to be easily shifted around and kept away when not in use, whether in offices or homes.

As a Room Carpet Cleaning

Besides cleaning cars, upholstery, stairs and spots, it can also be transform into a floor cleaner for cleaning carpeted rooms. The machine comes packaged with a smaller 4 inch cleaning tool for auto and upholstery carpet cleaning. To use it for carpet cleaning floors, customers can purchase a larger floor cleaning wand like with a wider cleaning path to work with this powerful machine.

For commercial users, this machine can be used for cleaning offices, motel rooms, apartments, meeting rooms, theatre rooms, sofas and more. When it comes to cleaning homes, home users have purchased this for cleaning wall-to-wall room carpeting, rugs, sofas, upholstery, cars, bad pet stains and more.

Some people feel that the Mytee Lite’s 4 gallon size means more refills when cleaning larger areas unlike within a more limited auto cleaning environment. However, it is a good size compared to a lot of other machines. For example, the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 features a 3 gallon solution tank and 3.9 gallon recovery tank. Many consumer grade models have even smaller 1.0 to 1.25 gallon tank sizes. These tank sizes are smaller in capacity compared to the Mytee Lite 8070 carpet extractor, and most customers are okay with it.

What to Lookout for

As good as the Mytee Lite Carpet Extractor 8070 is in it’s cleaning performance, some customers have voiced concerns about other aspects of the machine.

A few customers mentioned that the water hose can get really hot carrying heated water. One person saw some of the machine housing melting away near where the water hose disconnected. While that customer liked his Mytee Lite carpet cleaner, he cautioned others to use protection gloves. This is definitely something to stay mindful about.

Another customer said that he had trouble screwing on the handle as one of the holes on the machine did not align well with the position of the hole in the handle. Thankfully, that defect did not affect the machine’s performance, which he described as “very well.”

A few other customers mentioned that the water takes time to get heated up between passes. That said, the short wait gap appeared to be acceptable and worthwhile. Many considered the overall cleaning time fast. Some also commented that they added hot tap water into the tank to begin the cleaning process.

The complaints indicate that while the Mytee 8070 cleaner machine has flaws, they do not take away much from the cleaner’s high commercial quality cleaning performance. However, do be careful with how hot the water hose and surrounding parts/connections can get.

Cleaning Detergent

When it comes to choosing a detergent to work with this cleaner machine, customers recommend any non-foamy detergent that work with carpet extractors. An example of a popular cleaning detergent purchased is this one from Chemical Guys Fabric Clean Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo and Odor Eliminator.

Should You Buy The Mytee Lite Carpet Extractor 8070

The Mytee Lite Carpet Extractor 8070 is our #1 recommended choice for auto detailing. It is portable, high-powered and reasonably priced. It’s also widely used and highly rated by a lot of auto detailers in the business. Auto detailers say that it’s well-worth the investment, because this carpet extractor machine gets them excellent cleaning results fast, working smoothly and quickly.

For cleaning homes, apartments and offices, the Mytee Lite 8070’s high power and performance features ensures that tough stains can be removed in jiffy. It’s for both business and home users who will benefit from a cleaning performance that is a notch up from professional-grade (eg. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 or Bissell Big Green 86T3) machines. It’s our recommendation if you need a true commercial-grade model that cleans the dirtiest of stains with ease.



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