Lightweight Carpet Cleaners Reviews 2018

Lightweight upright carpet cleaners are smaller and lighter machines that offer users a convenient and easy way to clean their carpets. These carpet cleaners are light and easy to move around to conveniently shampoo and deep clean carpets and remove pet stains on the go, without having to drag around a heavier machine. Most users purchase these cleaner machines for regular quick cleaning of small rooms and everyday spills or stains before they set-in.

A look at the top small and and lightweight upright cleaners:

1. Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush Full Sized Carpet Cleaner 47B2 (13 lbs)
2. Bissell ReadyClean Full Sized Carpet Cleaner 40N7 (12 lbs)
3. Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Deep Cleaner 1622 (16 lbs)
4. Hoover Power Path Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50951 (13 lbs)
5. Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (9 lbs)

If you are looking for a non-upright portable spot cleaner instead, please click here.

1. Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush Full Sized Carpet Cleaner 47B2

Bissell Lightweight Carpet Cleaner 47B2The Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 is a newer Bissell lightweight cleaner machine that embodies Bissell’s philosophy for the perfect small lightweight carpet shampooer: small, light, easy to use, easy to store. This machine weighs just 13 lbs and looks like a small and slim upright carpet cleaner. This cleaner even incorporates an easy-fill clean water tank, a convenient design feature that is missing from the majority of Bissell’s regular-grade consumer carpet cleaners that use a malleable “bladder” bag for clean water.

Key highlights include the use of a motorized DirtLifter PowerBrush, a 1/2 gallon tank, and a retractable handle for easy storage. The Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 is a dream come true in terms of its easy usability and “closet-storage” design. The tradeoff is in weaker cleaning capabilities. The machine will shampoo and deep clean carpets, but it’s cleaning performance is not meant to be as good as regular-grade machines.

The Bissell 47B2 lightweight carpet cleaner is recommended for fast and easy spot cleaning of small carpeted areas or rooms, in between major clean-ups with a more powerful cleaner model or by professional cleaners. This machine is small and lightweight, so users can clean-up everyday accidental spills and stains without breaking a sweat. The result is living with clean carpets always. Full review >>

2. Bissell ReadyClean Full Sized Carpet Cleaner 40N7

Bissell Lightweight Carpet Cleaner 40N7The Bissell ReadyClean 40N7 lightweight carpet cleaner is designed and built almost identical to the Bissell ReadyClean 47B2 described above, except that it is fitted with a non-motorized brush scrub and comes in a different color. It is small and lightweight, weighing only 12 lbs. The design also includes a retractable handle that makes it easy to store when the cleaning is done. Like the Bissell ReadyClean 47B2, it also features a two-tank water system – a 1/2 gallon easy-fill tank for clean water positioned strategically on the rear-side of the machine and a dirty water collection tank near the front nozzle.

Despite it’s small size, the Bissell ReadyClean 40N7 carpet cleaner does a superb job at deep cleaning carpet dirt and stains, even in homes with dogs, cats and other pets. The brush system is where the Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 system listed above may have a slight edge. The Bissell ReadyClean 40N7 uses a stationary Cross Action brush system, while the 47B2’s DirtLifter brushroll rotates, allowing the bristles to better scrub the carpet. However, the difference in cleaning results is not major.

The Bissell ReadyClean Full Sized Carpet Cleaner 40N7 is recommended as a small and lightweight carpet cleaner to have for spot cleaning everyday spills and stains, or for general carpet cleaning of small areas or rooms. It shampoos and deep cleans carpets, but may have limited cleaning power and too narrow a cleaning path for larger areas. For intense full-house carpet cleaning, either a regular-grade or professional-grade machine is needed. For regular and easy carpet cleanings, it’s works beautifully. Full review >>

3. Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Deep Cleaner 1622

Lightweight Carpet Cleaner Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush 1622The Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Deep Cleaner 1622 is a lightweight cleaner that is closest in design and cleaning performance to a regular-grade deep cleaner. It is a unique and lightweight machine that sits right at the border of a regular-grade and lightweight cleaner. Amongst lightweight machines, this cleaner’s cleaning performance comes closest to that of more expensive regular-grade upright cleaners, such as the Bissell Essential 8852. At 16.4 lbs and with a depth of 19 inches, it can be considered somewhat big for a lightweight cleaner. However, it still has a slimmer profile than Bissell’s regular-grade machines, and is definitely less taxing to handle and use.

Key highlights include 4 rows of DirtLifter brushes – the same brushing technology used by Bissell’s more advanced cleaners, a 3/4 gallon tank, and a wide 11 inch cleaning path. The machine’s great cleaning results is driven by a power amperage of 6.25 amps, which is on par with quite a number of Bissell’s larger regular-grade machines.

The Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush 1622 is powerful enough to be used as the main carpet cleaning machine unit for a small home. This makes the Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush 1622 somewhat different from Bissell’s newer lightweight models, which are made smaller and easier to use, but offers less power for cleaning. Full review >>

4. Hoover Power Path Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50951

Hoover Lightweight Carpet Cleaner Power Path FH50951The Hoover Power Path Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50951 is a sleek and slim new 2014 addition to Hoover’s line of deep cleaners. At 13.4 pounds, it is the lightest home carpet cleaner model powered by a sizeable 6 amps motor. Despite the small weight, it comes well-equipped with a wide cleaning path of 11 inches as well as a 3/4 gallon tank to handle the cleaning of larger areas.

A key highlight is the inclusion of an 8 foot hose and hand tools. Compared to most small lightweight cleaners where this feature is missing, it offers greater versatility on the type of tasks that the user can do with the machines; such as cleaning upholstery, reaching crevice areas or cleaning auto interiors. Other highlights include dual water tanks and dual spinbrushes.

For Hoover enthusiasts, this is an outstanding Hoover lightweight carpet cleaner. That said, for a relatively new carpet cleaner model, this machine appears to have a slightly higher number of complaints from malfunctions from users than other Hoover home carpet cleaner models. With consumer carpet cleaners, there’s always an element of luck involved. A number of users do find that the machine worked well for them and they like how easy it is to maneuver and clean with it.

With it’s power and cleaning path, the Hoover Power Path Deluxe could, like the Bissell PowerLifter 1622, be used as the main carpet cleaner for a small home. It’s not going to clean as well compared to the full-powered Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge, but it’s going to weigh a lot less (roughly 7 lbs less). Full review >>

5. Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner ZZ550The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner KD450WM is a lightweight cleaner that cleans both carpets and hardfloors. Although it looks more like a steam mop that is only capable of surface carpet cleaning, the Shark Sonic Duo actually features sophisticated deep cleaning technology. The system first removes surface dirt, and then its low moisture cleaning solution works deep into the carpet fibers to loosen deep down dirt particles. The deep down dirt particles are then suctioned out through vacuuming. Check review & deals >

A common question is how well it cleans carpets. It cleans both berber and plush carpets adequately well, but it is probably not going to be as effective as typical water extraction deep cleaners (like the ones listed above). In exchange for its lightweight handling, you will probably give up some cleaning power. Nonetheless, it works adequately well, even on pet stains. Many users were pleased that this machine was able to remove difficult stains on their carpets.

The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner KD450WM is best recommended for anyone looking for a really light and easy-to-use carpet cleaner, and who will benefit from its additional hard floor cleaning capabilities. It’s not the cheapest carpet cleaner, but it may be the easiest way to enjoy clean and refreshed carpets in between major cleanings. Full review >>



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Not sure which type of carpet cleaner to choose? Check out the 4 Types of Home Carpet Cleaning Machine Models. In terms of size and convenience, lightweight upright cleaners are in between regular-grade upright machines and portable carpet cleaners. Just remember that there is almost always a trade-off: the more portable and lightweight a machine is, the less power it has to clean.

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