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Lightweight Carpet Cleaner Video Spotlight: Shark Sonic Duo

The video is an infomercial for the Shark Sonic Duo cleaner. This lightweight carpet cleaner works differently from the more popular standard water extraction models, so you can watch this and compare it with other machines. Demonstrations of how the machine cleans actual carpets and hard floors were shown in the video. If you are interested, we have a detailed review for this cleaner.

The Shark Sonic Duo can deep clean, refresh, brighten, and revitalize dirty carpets. It uses sonic scrubbing technology to remove dirt, grime, and dust – allergens by scrubbing one thousand times per minute. Its air glide technology allows the user to maneuver the lightweight device with ease. The presenters even held the device using only two fingers. To remove surface dirt, it uses sonic scrubbing and carpet cleaning solution while the trap and remove technology penetrates to the stuck on dirt and dehydrates them to remove them easily.

Hoover Carpet Basics Power Scrub Carpet Cleaner FH50150


With these technologies, the Shark Sonic Duo can clean four times more dirt than the regular vacuum cleaners in half the time with less effort. The machine can also be used on hard floors such as wood, tiles, stone, and laminates. Since it uses low moisture technique, it is safer compared to conventional mopping with water. It is approved by Woolsafe, certified safe and effective by Parent Tested, Parent Approved and the Carpet and Rug Institute of America. People who use the machine claimed that the carpet feels like new again after using it.

The infomercial is recommended for anyone in the market for a new cleaner for carpets and/or hard floors. Anyone who is having a hard time cleaning carpets because of the weight of the machine or want a combo carpet and hard floor cleaner may also be interested in the product.







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