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Is it Time to Replace the Carpet Rather Than Clean It?

Hoover MaxExtract 77 Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner FH50240Homeowners are often left with the question, should they clean or replace their carpet? It is a common dilemma that comes along when maintaining a house. Carpets, when well maintained, can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

Other factors also determine how long carpets can last without being replaced. Materials used for the carpet such as paddings, affect its wear and tear. Homeowners also need to consider usage patterns. This pattern determines how often foot traffic passes by your carpet.

Carpet replacement can be costly depending on the area you’ll be covering. On the other hand, carpet cleaning can be done DIY (do-it-yourself) or by hiring professional cleaners. The latter, carpet cleaning, is a cheaper alternative to prolong the usefulness of your existing paid-for carpet.



Below are 6 signs that should help you decide whether your carpet needs to be cleaned or replaced:

1. Accidents happen and they can leave unwanted stains in your carpet. You may want to try to remove the stain by yourself first, before calling pro cleaners. Another alternative most people opt for is to hide the carpet stains under the furniture.

For a while it may work, but if there are too many stains visible or stains hiding under furniture, you may want to consider replacing your carpet.

2. A stinky carpet is normal if you have pets inside the house. The odor is supposed to go away when the carpet is cleaned. However, if the smell still lingers after a good cleaning, it may be time to replace the carpet. For pet owners, pet urine can be a challenge, but there are formulas out there that can neutralize the smell.

3. Worn out carpets are prone to dust, molds, and mildew. These lead to increased allergic reaction. Sneezing, colds, and itchy skin are symptoms of allergic reaction. Needless to say, it is best to have moldy carpets replaced.

4. Check the carpet padding. The padding makes it comfortable for people to walk over the carpet. If it becomes too thin, it is due for replacement. Carpets placed in the hallway are prone to the padding thinning out sooner than the carpets placed inside the bedrooms.

5. Your budget will determine whether you will settle for cleaning your carpet or having it replaced.

6. If you plan on selling your house, it is advisable to have your carpet cleaned by professionals to make it look brand new again. On the other hand, if the house is in really bad shape, you may want to buy a new carpet.

Aside from the factors mentioned above, you need to look out for the following signs: wrinkles, visible map-like stains and color fading. These are indicators that your carpet needs to be replaced.

If you really need to replace your carpets, check out this article to learn how to save when shopping for new carpets.

To cut your expenses, you can also consult with a professional cleaner to assess the condition of your carpet. This service is usually for free, just ask for a schedule with your local pro cleaner. With professional advice, you can decide based on what is more practical and affordable.

If you think you can clean the carpets on your own, you could also check out the top home carpet cleaners today.

Carpets provide comfort and added beauty to one’s house, but they can be expensive. To preserve your carpets so you can use them for the next 10 years, it would do you well to regularly clean them.

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  1. Great article! I’m very glad that I stumbled upon your post because I’ve been debating whether or not to clean or replace my carpet. I think you’re absolutely right: accidents happen all the time, and they leave your carpet with unwanted stains. Most of the time, I’m able to get the stains out with a couple carpet cleaning treatments; although, if I’m ever not able to, I’ll be sure to get a new carpet. Thanks for sharing this with us! 🙂

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