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How To Remove Pet Urine From Carpets

cute-dog-file000900856477Carpets are hard to clean because they easily absorb dirt and stains especially if you have pets living in the house. Pet urine stains are hard to remove because they can penetrate the carpet that causes a sticky and unwanted odor.

Carpet cleaning is an important household chore, although one you may not look forward to. In our previous post, we discussed the importance of regular carpet cleaning.

Take it one step at a time. You just need to follow the right steps and use the right materials to remove the urine stains caused by your pet. Here are steps that you can follow:



1. Prepare the cleaning the materials

Before you prepare the cleaning materials, you need to determine what type of material your carpet is made from to avoid any damages. If you’re dealing with dog urine stains, here is a list of cleaning solutions that you can use for your carpet:

  • Use a formula spray cleaner, such as Formula 409, for synthetic fibers.
  • Use a combination of all natural cleaner and laundry booster like Borax for carpets that are made from oriental rugs.
  • Use a mixture of 1 table spoon of white vinegar and 1 quart water for carpets wool rug carpets.
  • On the other hand, if your problem is cat urine stains, use the following cleaning solutions:
  • Use a mixture of formula spray cleaner and distilled vinegar for synthetic fibers.
  • Mix a 1 table spoon of mild dish soap, 1 part distilled white vinegar, 1 part of hydrogen peroxide, dry baking soda, and 1 part water.
  • Use the same cleaning solution that is used for dog urines for wool rugs.

Aside from the cleaning solution, you also need the following items: spray bottle, clean wash cloth, masking tape, spoon, towels, and gloves.

2. Dry and mark the spot

Once you spotted the urine stain over your carpet, place an old dry towel on the affected area and apply pressure to the towel. Use the masking tape to mark the area so people won’t accidentally step on it.

3. Apply the cleaning solution

Dog Urine Stains

If you’re dealing with synthetic fibers, spray the area with the formula cleaner and let it soak for 5 minutes. For oriental rugs, apply a small amount of an all purpose cleaner to a clean wash cloth. Use the cloth to remove the stains and spray it with a laundry booster to remove the odor. If your carpet is made from wool, moisten the area with the cleaning that was provided in the list of cleaning solutions used for dog urine stains.

Cat Urine Stains

For synthetic fibers, use the spray formula cleaner on the spot and distilled it with white vinegar. Let the cleaning solution stay in the area for five minutes to remove the odor and spot. Follow the same steps for oriental and wool carpets, but use the cleaning solutions that were provided in the list of cleaning solutions used for cat urine stains.

4. Remove the stains

After applying the cleaning solution, scrub the area in circular motion using an old towel to remove the stains. Don’t forget to wear your gloves for dirt and germ protection. Rinse the area with fresh water and then dry it with your clean towel. After washing the carpet, cover the affected area with paper towels and apply pressure to the area by putting a heavy object on top to hasten the drying process.

5. Dry and vacuum the area

Remove the heavy material and let the area dry. Once the area has dry, vacuum it to remove dirt residue.

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