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How to Get Rid of Clutter at Home

get ride of clutterPeople are often too busy with their everyday lives to even mind the things lying around their homes. They buy new things and keep the old ones around. When you have too many things you do not need but still keep, you definitely have clutter. If there is not enough room for things you actually need, it is time to decide which items need to go or need to be kept.

The following are tips to help you live a clean, clutter-free home:

1. Internalize. Ask yourself, if you were moving to a smaller place, what items will you take with you? If you were robbed, which ones will you not bother buying again? Write down the items that you first think of.



2. Categorize. Categorize your clutter into three: Things you need, others may need, and no one needs. Always consider actual utility value first before sentimental value.

3. Storage. Make sure you have enough space and proper storage places for the items you still need. This is to ensure that they will be in perfect shape when you actually need them. You may use storage bins, closets or cabinets depending on the item.

4. Remove the excess. If you have two things that have the same use and function, choose one and give away the other. You need to determine which one is likely to last longer and which one is simply taking up space.

5. Charity. Sometimes people tend to keep stuff just because they still work, even if they are not necessarily needed anymore. Put items that are still working to good use by giving them away to relatives or friends who might need them. You may also give them away to charity drives or thrift shops.

6. Earn. If you’re not into just giving your stuff away, you can sell them instead. This way, you won’t feel like you’re throwing money in the trash. This applies for furniture, appliances, gadgets or simply great fashion finds. You can hold a garage sale or post advertisements online to find potential buyers.

7. Trash. Sentimental people often have problems with disposing clutter. They tend to keep things because of the memories they hold. If an item has important memories but has no use, take pictures of it instead before throwing it away. You will be able to save both space and treasured memories.

8. Second look. If you think you’re all done, take a second look on the items you categorized for things you still need. Check for items you kept for sentimental reasons. There is no need to do this for the items you choose to give or throw away. You put them there for a reason. This will help you avoid reconsidering to keep them when you actually don’t need them anymore.

These tips will help you on your way to living in a clutter-free home. But remember, you also have to change your old ways that led you to a tragic home of clutter. Be mindful of what you decide to buy and bring to your home and maintain a clean environment.

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