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Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner FH50700 Review

Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner FH50700
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The Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner FH50700 is precisely as its name suggests: a powerful and lightweight carpet cleaner that deals with pet stains, and more generally, any problematic stains. It packs a strong cleaning punch for a cleaner of its size.

The machine is lightweight and easily maneuverable, making it just perfect for cleaning high traffic areas or smaller spaces. It is so light and easy-to-use. Sometimes, we avoid carpet cleaning because we don’t want to deal with pushing around a bulky appliance. If that’s your challenge, this machine could be just what you need.

With the Hoover PowerDash carpet cleaner weighing just 13lbs, you don’t need strong arms to push it around. You could comfortably bring out and use once a week or as and when the stains show up.

The machine doesn’t have a ton of luxury features, and it’s priced right to reflect that. It’s inexpensive, yet gives you an easy way to clean your carpeting without a lot of heavy lifting.

Let’s take a look at its features and performance in greater detail in this long review.



Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner Features

PowerSpin Brush Roll

The PowerDash Carpet Cleaner FH50700 comes with Hoover’s rotating PowerSpin brush roll. The sturdy bristles are capable of powerful brushing to agitate and remove dirt off the carpet threads. The PowerSpin brush roll is driven by a strong motor, ensuring that the PowerDash delivers good cleaning power to home users.

According to Hoover, their PowerSpin brush roll comes with antimicrobial protection. This is a great feature that will make the brush roll more lasting and hygienic.

High Powered – 7 amps

At 7 amps of power, the Hoover Pet Compact offers more cleaning power than other lightweight cleaners. As we will detail below, customers report high satisfaction with the cleaning results.

The motor enables both powerful scrubbing and suction to ensure carpet cleanliness. For carpets that have a lot of recurring pet or high traffic stains, this is especially important.

HeatForce Heated Drying

The Hoover PowerDash Carpet Cleaner’s HeatForce feature rechannels the heat produced by the machine into drying the carpet. The use of HeatForce is that it dries the carpet fast, making it more convenient to clean your carpets.

Lightweight & Compact – 13 lbs

The cleaner is easy to use and has a compact design. At 13 lbs (before adding water), the appliance can taken around the house without breaking a sweat. The product dimensions are 43.5 x 15.2 x 10.1 inches (H x L x W).

Narrow 10 Inch Cleaning Path

The Hoover PowerDash is easily maneuverable. It’s narrow cleaning path of 10 inches means it can navigate tight spaces and corners. The lower profile front makes it easy to clean under furniture.

Two-Tank design – ½ Gallon Tank Capacity

The cleaner has a two-tank design that keeps clean water and dirty water separately. This design also makes it easy to fill and empty the tanks.

The tank capacity is 0.5 gallons, which is a compact tank size. If you need to clean an 800 square feet apartment, expect to do several refills. Hoover’s standard upright carpet cleaners come with a 1-gallon sized tank.

Removable Nozzle

It has a removable nozzle, which makes it easy to rinse and remove dirt in the nozzle.

However, the brush roll that is situated in the compartment below is not easily removable. You can remove it only by unscrewing six Philips screws. That makes it more challenging to clean out the pet hair or dirt that can accumulate around the brushroll itself.

20 Feet Cord Length

It is a corded carpet cleaner with cord length of 20 feet.

One Year Warranty

The PowerDash machine comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner FH50700 Overall Review

Outstanding Cleaning Results

The two key things that many owners of the Hoover PowerDash have been impressed with most are these: it’s outstanding cleaning results and compact lightweight design.

In terms of cleaning results, many have been thrilled by how well it deep cleans and removes difficult dirt stains; from stains caused by pet accidents, dirt, vomit, coffee, tea, food stains, mud stains and more.

Some even compared the results to that of a professional carpet cleaner service, and thought their little Hoover machine was able to pick up more dirt.

Although the machine comes named with a “Pet” label, it is meant for both pet and non-pet owners. Essentially, this Hoover cleaning appliance has been engineered to provide high cleaning power for eradicating difficult stains.

Lightweight Cleaner

This Hoover pet carpet cleaner is lightweight and easy to bring around and use. Some customers bought this as a second unit for spot cleaning everyday stains. They may already have a larger unit for whole-house cleaning.

The compact design of this unit also means it has a small water tank size. That makes it impractical for whole-house carpet cleaning as it involves a lot of refilling of the water tanks.

It is compact which makes storage easy. It is easily maneuverable so cleaning the carpet is not a physically exhausting chore.

Upright Carpet Cleaner, not Portable Spot Cleaner

With an upright carpet cleaner design, it means that you can use it while standing. You push and pull the appliance to run either scrubbing or drying strokes. This makes it easy to clean rooms and spaces.

There are also compact portable carpet cleaners that are similarly light in weight, but those are different. You need to kneel and bend your elbows to clean with them. Those are meant for spot cleaning, upholstery cleaning or for auto-detailing. For an example, check out the best-selling Bissell SpotClean Pro 3624.

Easy to Use

Sometimes, we hesitate to unbox and start using a new appliance because it seems difficult to do. If you are worried about that, this cleaner is easy to assemble and use right from the start.

You require no tools. All you need to do is insert the handle into the upper handle pole. Fix the pole into the base. Place the Clean Water Tank at the back of the unit.

After filling the water tank, recline the appliance and step on the ON/OFF pedal. Squeeze the trigger to apply water and cleaning solution to do a “wet” cleaning stroke, and release it to do a “drying” stroke to remove water and dry the carpet.

Separate Clean and Dirty Water Tanks

Even though it has a somewhat small tank, it’s a useful design feature to have two separate water tanks. This is an easier way to manage the tap water you put in, and dirty water that gets suctioned back into the machine.

It is easy to fill the tank. Take the Clean Water Tank out from the back. Twist and open the cap and fill the line with warm water. Add the cleaning solution to the fill line and close the tank. Slide it back into the cleaner and push down firmly.

It is also easy to empty the dirty water tank. When you’re done cleaning, turn the machine off and unplug it from the outlet. Remove the dirty water tank by pressing the latch. Keep the tank in an upright position and put it on a flat surface. Empty the Quick Pour Spout. Check the clean filter and replace the Quick Pour Spout.

How To Clean the Hoover PowerDash

It is fairly easy to clean the unit. Firstly, both the water tanks can be removed and cleaned.

At the bottom, the nozzle that suctions can be removed to remove the dirt and debris. Hold the nozzle, lift up the unit a bit and remove the nozzle. Rinse the nozzle under a water source and leave it to dry.

While the nozzle can be removed easily, the brushroll located beneath can only be removed by removing 6 Philips screws. Once you remove the brushroll, you can rinse it and clean it.

This is probably the most difficult step to do when cleaning the PowerDash, and not everyone does it. Some users just scrap off the dirt or pet hair caught on the brushroll without pulling it out.

What to Lookout for

Small tank size

At 1/2 gallon in size, the tank does not hold much water for cleaning large spaces. If you are looking for a machine that can clean three large rooms, you will have to do multiple filling and dumping of water. For greater convenience in whole-house carpet cleaning, check the full-powered Hoover SmartWash, which is Hoover’s next model up.

Not as durable

While the Hoover PowerDash machine provides amazing cleaning power, some customers have reported problems developing over time, even within over the first year of use. We’ve heard of complaints regarding leaks, parts failing, rusty screws and more.

Someone had purchased extended warranty on it, but the product malfunctioned within the first year. The manufacturer’s warranty was still in place.

For the most part, most customers were pleased with their Hoover Powerdash purchase, as noted in their online reviews. There are usually issues with a small percentage of the products sold for low-cost consumer-grade carpet cleaner models like this one.

Be careful with expensive rugs

Firstly, the brushing mechanism of this machine is powerful. You need to be careful when using it on rugs, especially fine rugs. When in doubt, it’s better not to use a carpet cleaner machine on it.

One user complained about how using this caused damage to his expensive rug that cost $1400. On the other hand, others mentioned great success using this Hoover Powerdash carpet cleaner on their rugs. It’s best always to read the cleaning instructions of the rug.

Before using any carpet cleaner on a carpet, we always want to test a hidden spot. For rugs, it may be difficult to test.

No attachment hose and accessories

It does not have an attachment hose feature to connect to brush tool-head accessories.

This lightweight upright Hoover carpet cleaner is not meant to clean furniture, stairs, or car interiors (auto-detailing). If you require these functions, look into Hoover’s full-powered upright cleaners.

Hoover Cleaning Solutions – Pet or Standard

According to Hoover, this machine works best when used in combination with Hoover cleaning solutions. If you were to use other types of cleaning solutions, Hoover could void the warranty. Regardless, many users get excellent results from using Hoover solutions.

If you are using this for pet stains cleaning, Hoover has pet cleaning solutions that are specially formulated.


Some users noted that they were confused on when they need to refill. This unit has no mechanism to alert you when the clean water tank is empty or the dirty water tank is full. You just have to wait to listen to a change in the noise.

The brush roll is not easily removable. It may be cumbersome to clean the brush roll, where pet hair and other debris could accumulate.

We also did a little digging to answer some of the questions you might have before you buy the product. So, here goes.

Can the brushroll be removed for cleaning?

While you can remove the nozzle, you will not be able to remove the brushroll located underneath easily. You could theoretically remove the brushroll by unscrewing the 6 Philips screws at the bottom. This set-up makes it more challenging to clean off debris and pet hair that gets lifted out from the carpets.

Should I separately vacuum the space before using this?

Yes. The manufacturer recommends that you vacuum the space before using the carpet cleaner. If you do this, it puts less pressure on the cleaner and helps it perform well for a long time.

You cannot use this as a substitute for a vacuum cleaner. If you’re also looking for a good vacuum cleaner, Hoover and other brands have models meant for cleaning of households with pets.

Does it come with any additional accessories and tools?

No. It functions as a lightweight upright carpet cleaner, and you cannot attach a flexible hose and tool-head to it. This lightweight carpet cleaner is designed to be a floor cleaner, not a multi-purpose floor and upholstery cleaner like the Hoover Smartwash.

Should You Buy the Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner FH50700?

The Hoover PowerDash carpet cleaner is easy to assemble and easy to use right out of the box. It is lightweight and maneuverable, yet powerful when it comes to cleaning stains. The carpet cleaner is ideal for carpet cleaning in apartments, high traffic areas, and small spaces. If you want something lightweight for small area cleaning, that is both powerful and inexpensive, the Hoover Power Dash carpet cleaner is our best recommendation.

Need a full-sized machine for cleaning your entire home? Check out the Hoover SmartWash Automatic.


Limitation: We put every effort to provide the most accurate and helpful information but we cannot provide any warranties on this information. Please always research and use your discernment before you try the product or make a purchase.



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