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Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Washer FH51000 Review

Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Washer side viewThe Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Washer FH51000 features an updated design with dual rotating brushrolls. It spearheads Hoover’s foray into offering cleaners equipped with rotating brushrolls rather than their classic SpinScrub brushes. Does this system work well? We go into all the details in this review.

Designed to deep clean to the max, the FH51000 lifts dirt that has burrowed deep down through the DualSpin Max PowerBrushes. Because of this carpet washer’s light weight, cleaning doesn’t need to feel like a heavy chore anymore.

Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Washer FH51000 Features & Benefits

Dual Rotating Brushrolls

Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Washer dual brushes

The ability of a carpet cleaner to clean lies to a great extent in the design and power of its brushes. The Hoover FH51000 has got that area covered with its DualSpin Max Powerbrushes. A rotating roller brushing system is different from Hoover’s classic SpinScrub brushing system which rotates horizontally on the carpet. According to a number of satisfied users, these brushes work well with lifting dirt.

10 Amps Cleaning Power

This machines has a powerful 10 amp motor. This is higher than the standard 6 amps of power in similar Bissell upright models. It’s similar in power amperage to the best-selling Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe.

Easy Assembly

Carpet cleaning equipment assembly could sometimes be daunting and confusing but not with the Dual Power Max. It’s so easy to assemble, no tools are needed to put it together.



Wide Cleaning Path

The Hoover FH51000 comes with a 13-inch nozzle for that extra wide cleaning coverage so users cover more area in less time. Hoover’s regular nozzle path for upright cleaners is 11 inches. The nozzle can also be removed for cleaning out pet hair and other debris that gets caught.

Water Tank Size

The Dual Power Max has a two-tank water system. The clean water tank holds up to a gallon of water, while the dirty water tank holds 0.8 gallons of water. Amongst carpet cleaner users, the general consensus is that separate dirty water from clean water containers make the cleaner easier to fill and empty.

18 Pounds (Without Water)

Carrying bulky and heavy carpet cleaners around to clean your carpeted rooms can easily wear you out. The Dual Power Max weighs only 18 pounds (before adding water) making it easy to bring upstairs and downstairs. If lightweight is important to you, another model to consider is the Hoover Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Washer.


The package includes the Accessory Tool Pack that comes with an 8 feet hose and upholstery tool. This set-up allows users to you clean stairs, furniture, and upholstery among other things. It also comes with a sample Clean Plus 16 0z solution to clean a small room.

Clean Boost For Stained/Very Dirty Areas

The Clean Boost Control allows users to spray extra cleaning solution on stained and high traffic areas to get the dirt out. Some users find this extra Boost feature a convenience, as it saves them from having to carry around a bottle of carpet cleaning detergent for application on these areas (to get a better cleaning effect).

20 Feet Power Cord

A short cord and hose can limit your mobility and the area you can cover. The Hoover FH51000 comes with 20 feet of quick release electric cord and 8 feet of hose. You will have no requirement for an extension cord.

2-year Warranty

The Dual Power Max Carpet Washer FH51000 comes with a 2-year warranty on it.

Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Washer FH51000 Overall Review

Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Washer front view

Cleans Really Well – Great Help When Pet Accidents Happen

The Hoover Dual Power Max FH51000 cleans really well according to most users. A lot of happy users are pet owners who often have to deal with pet stains and accidents. One user had adopted a 6-month-old puppy that was not house broken, and bought this machine to help with the stained carpets. To her surprise, the Dual Power Max Carpet Washer did a fantastic job at scrubbing her carpets clean. She thought it was even “better than the Rug Doctor.”

Even for homes without pets, carpets can become unsanitary and dirty over time when it absorbs all kinds of spills, dust, food crumbs and hair. The Clean Boost feature is another useful cleaning feature built into the machine. It can be difficult to clean dirty carpets and old stains out manually, but a thoughtful tool like the Hoover Dual Power Max can make life a lot easier.

Dual Roller Brushing System

With this cleaner, Hoover is venturing into using a roller brushing system, which is different from their normal trusted SpinScrub brushing system. SpinScrub brushes will scrub the carperting horizontally, whereas a roller brushing system has a more vertical style of scrubbing. Some people think of the Dual Power Max’s roller brushes as having the ability to groom carpet fibers better than their SpinScrub brushing system. So far, both systems seem to work equally well in terms of cleaning results.

Each brushing system have their pros and cons. Some users others worry that these roller brushes could cause Berber carpeting to fuzz. One Hoover rep assured a user online that the machine can be used on Berber carpeting. If you are unsure, call Hoover and/or test out with a small patch of carpeting first. We’ve not heard much complaints regarding this machine’s impact on messing carpets up, though.

This brushing system does involve having belts as a part of the system, which regular Hoover SteamVac cleaners do not use.

Heated Drying

Carpet fibers are notorious water residue retainers but thanks to the FH51000’s heat activated drying feature, the carpet drying process is hastened.

Well-Designed & Lightweight

The Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Washer FH51000 is a 2014 addition to Hoover’s line of upright carpet cleaners. The system is well-designed and easy to use than some of Hoover’s older models. The tanks are easy to take out and slot back in. Users do not need to do too much bending around to work with the tanks.

In addition, it is also lightweight at 18 lbs (before adding water), compared to the 24 lb upright cleaners out there that may even has less motor power. This makes this carpet cleaner easy to lug around when you need to clean the whole house, both downstairs and up.

Use Of Hoover Branded Cleaning Detergent

Hoover advises users to use Hoover branded detergent as they best complement their cleaning equipment. Their cleaning solutions do clean very well. The most popular ones are the Hoover PetPlus Concentrated for pet stained carpets, or heavily soiled carpets. Another popular choice is the Hoover CLEANPLUS 2X solution.

It’s Not Perfect

No doubt the Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Washer has lots of advantages, but there is at least one worrying aspect to this machine. There are a number of complaints regarding the malfunctioning of the belt part. Some users claimed that the belts on their machines broke or “melted” after just a few uses. This is a new design and does not have the same level of track record that a highly rated choice like the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe has.

If this worries you, take a look at the Hoover Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Washer. Although this is also a newer model with rotating brushes, it does not seem to have the level of complaints that the Dual Power Max has.

Should You Buy The Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Washer FH51000?

The Hoover company has been around for quite some time selling high quality cleaning tools and appliances to satisfied customers. The Dual Power Max Carpet Washer FH51000 bares the hallmark of Hoover quality.

If you are searching for a rugged yet lightweight carpet cleaner and shampooer with lots of useful features and made by a reliable company, you might want to include the Hoover Dual Power Max Carpet Washer FH51000 amongst machines to consider.

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  1. Cheri Burns says

    I have one I bought in November or December 2016. It worked great until recently. I’m having electrical issues. It comes with a 2 year warranty, but I can’t find my receipt. Is there any help for me?

    • Hi Cheri, the best way to get service is to contact Hoover’s customer support on your product manual. Otherwise, try this number 1 (800) 944-9200. You can probably still retrieve your receipt if you purchased this online.

  2. Justin Batchelor says

    🔥DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!! 🔥just bought mine and brought it home to clean carpets. First impressions good😀. Then tried to actually use the machine and within seconds of use it started shooting out black smoke😧 . It was smoking and I mean SMOKING!! Smoke filled the entire 2500 sq ft house . 🏃fire🔥. I have never seen anything like it. I’m taking mine back and done with hoover 👎forever.

  3. Betty Miller says

    My FH51000 Hoover carpet washer handle switch that releases the water is not working ,It is stuck on releasing all the clean water into one spot on carpet ,How do I fix this ?

  4. Harry Skelton says

    Our FH51000 had fibers wrap around the belt tension assembly and cause enough friction to melt it. Have yet to find a place that has this part. Even Hoover is clueless.

  5. scott will says

    We bought this product with what seemed like all good reviews. Well, it makes the carpet wet, however it does not suck it up. Thinking that maybe we had a faulty machine, we purchased another one. The same model, and it too does not suck. We are actually taking the second one back tonight since we have given up on trying to make it work. But are stuck with the first one since we threw the box away thinking that we had a good product.

    • Catalina Rucker says

      Hopefully, this will help (if you still a machine), I also was not receiving the suction of water on my machine and Googled what the problem may be and sure enough, I didn’t have the reservoir snapped in properly!

  6. Dave Richards says

    Second or third time using it. Belt fried bad and broke. Brushes stop up too easy. At Wal-Mart right now looking for a belt……No luck and now I have a half finished room. Guess I have to get a belt online. Three uses and broke. What a crock.

  7. Jane Stiles says

    I was using the attatchments to clean my mattress, it started to smell like something was getting hot and then if just shut off and wont go back on. Is there a reset or fuse? If it shut down because the motor was overheating?

  8. Neither the Hoover manual or the Hoover website offer any solution to cleaning out the clear perspex section of the cleaner base on a Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer which clogs up with carpet fibres etc.
    Can you offer any solution to this extremely iritating problem?

    • Hi David, Sorry to hear about this issue. Your best bet is to contact Hoover’s customer support directly. They are sometimes able to make suggestions that are not necessarily listed on the manual. All the best, Cassandra

  9. Larry Winfree says

    Our cleaner broke the second time we used it. Not happy ! Brushes stopped spinning and started smoking. I thought Hoover had a better product than that but I guess not. Have had no response from them. still waiting.

    • Nicole norsworthy says

      It’s probably the belt

    • Jerimiah Griggs says

      The rollers have a tendency to lock up which causes the belt to break or “melt.” The rollers are not covered under warranty and cost around $60 to replace. The belts are not generally the cause of the issue, just a part of the effect of, what seems to be, a very common defect in manufacturing and quality control.

      The common response seems to be to have you take it to a local Hoover affiliated repair shop to get it fixed. Yet again, the Limited Two Year Warranty specifically says it does not cover belts or brushrolls. Took me shredding two belts to figure this out.

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