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Home Carpet Cleaning Tips

Home carpet cleaning tipsAre you finding your home carpet slowly losing its beauty? The continuous use and exposure to dust, dirt, and other particles is causing this. Previously, we have blogged about the importance of regular home carpet cleaning. Here are some home carpet cleaning tips to help you maintain its beauty without wasting much of your time and energy.

Run the vacuum every other day

This is probably the simplest way to clean the carpet. Running the vacuum at least twice or thrice every other day will help you prevent soil buildup on the carpet. It will also help you prevent the dirt from penetrating deeper in the carpet’s surface.



Vacuum heavy traffic areas longer

There are parts of the carpet which receive heavier foot traffic from family members and guests. These parts require longer suctioning from the vacuum to eliminate the dust and dirt that have accumulated deep down in the fibers.

Vacuum from different angles

Suction dirt and dust from all parts of the carpet. Run the vacuum on different angles. Make it multiple times. Experts recommend the crisscross pattern in multiple passes.

Keep pets away when cleaning

One problem area with regards to home carpet cleaning is the presence of pets like dogs and cats. Their hairs and furs tend to stick and scatter on the surface. Keep them away by putting them in their cages or kennels.

Freshen up the carpet

Whether it’s regular or deep vacuuming you have done, don’t forget to sparkle it with freshness. Baking soda can help you do the trick. It will help in absorbing the odor that has stayed on the carpet’s surface for some time.

What if stains from sticky substances and liquid spills bring disaster to your carpet? Here are additional cleaning tips.

Read manufacturer instructions

Makers of home carpets have different instructions for cleaning their product. You should always read them before using any kind of cleaner, particularly those that are liquid-based.

Blot the spilled area

Prevent spills from spreading. Blot the spilled area at once. Use white cloth to clean the spill. Let it sit on the area of some minutes to allow as much of the liquid to transfer from the carpet to the floor. Let the surface dry. For even more tips on cleaning carpet stains, check out this other article.

Even after cleaning, some spills can leave stains. Here’s what you can do.

Use carpet sanitizers

Juice spills, sauce, and pet urine can cause stains on the carpet. The stains require special cleaning solutions for removal. There are a lot of carpet sanitizers available but they have different components. Be aware that some of them can ruin the carpet’s beauty. Do a spot test on tips to see if discoloration will occur. If it does, use a different cleaner.

Follow cleaning instructions

Attached on carpet cleaning products are instructions for proper application. Follow them with strict compliance. It will help avoid problems.

Although some processes may tend to clean the carpet, they can bring much damage. Here are some things you should never do.

Never dry under direct sunlight

Some carpets have delicate materials. Placing them under direct sunlight for drying can discolor it.

Never bleach the carpet

Bleach has strong acid that is fit for cleaning clothes and other things. It is not intended for home carpets.

The home carpet is a precious household piece that adds beauty to the surface it covers. Its long life depends on how meticulous you are when it comes to cleaning it. These tips above can help you prolong its life. For additional help, check out the Make Your Carpets Last Longer! article on our blog.

If you have any other tips to share, please do leave a comment below. We appreciate the time you take to do this, and you could help more than a few people out.

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