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Easy Ink Stained Carpet Cleaning Trick

This video, uploaded by Youtube user Wayne Earls, exhibits his own trick, which he learned a few years back, for removing ink stains from carpets. It is an easy and economical process which you too can replicate at your own home. It can also be done quickly, as Earls’ video only runs for two and a half minutes. However, the time variable varies, obviously, depending on the size of the stain.

For the purpose of the demonstration, Earls stained his carpet with a blot of blue ink from a ballpoint pen. He began with explaining that it is easier to clean the stain if it is fresh or wet, but that the process works on dried ink blots too, an idea that is seconded by several commenters who have tried the trick on their own carpets.

As for the cleaner, Earls used a substance that is probably available in most American households – glass cleaner. After spraying it directly on the stain, it practically “disappear[s] before your very eyes,” as Earls narrated.

With this in mind, it is clear that taking care of ink stains could be done at home, so you probably do not have to call in the professionals on this one.








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