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Cleaning Your Car For A Dollar

If you think bringing your vehicle to the cleaners to have it detailed is too costly, check out this Youtube video of a woman who cleans her own carpets using a cleaning solution that only costs a dollar. She needed a carpet cleaning solution, scrub and wet vacuum to do it, and it saved her money which she could put elsewhere. Strictly speaking, if you don’t have the other materials, you will need to borrow them, or it will cost extra money to purchase them.

The most important thing with this arrangement, however, is that you own a wet/dry vacuum. Since these can be pretty expensive, a commenter suggested buying one from thrift stores, where you may luck out and find one between five to ten dollars. Just make sure to test it before purchasing it. A wet/dry vacuum is a good investment, anyhow, and can be used for purposes other than cleaning your car.

The aforementioned one dollar cleaning solution is a sprayed-on bathroom cleaner that, she said, can be bought at any dollar store. Instead of bringing her car to be serviced elsewhere, she could now do it at home without reaching deep into her pocket for expensive carpet cleaning solution.

It was quite effective too, as evidenced by the video, after the scrubbing and vacuuming. It looked clean and new, and she did not even have to spend a ridiculous amount of money just to achieve that.


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