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Cleaning Vehicle Carpets With Hot Water Extraction Method

This video is a demonstration of how Superior Auto Interiors’ crew clean a vehicle’s carpets. There are a few tips we can all learn from auto detailing pros. Since these mats are constantly being stepped on by passengers, it is important to clean them regularly of dirt and grime, so as to avoid them turning into breeding grounds of bacteria.

For the purpose of the video, the cleaners used a piece of dirty floor mat from a used car. The cleaning demonstration is done by one of Superior Auto Interiors’ technicians and utilizes the hot water extraction method. This method ensures that the dirt and grime in the carpet are broken down and extracted efficiently.

It also detailed the different solutions employed by the company to clean their customers’ vehicle carpets, as well as the hot water extractor.

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More than an advertisement of the company’s thorough methods, this video could prove useful to car owners who want to know how vehicle carpets are properly cleaned. As demonstrated in the video, it might take quite a while, but given the right solutions and materials, it will be quite an effective method of cleaning.

At the end of the video, a “Before” and “After” look at the mat is shown, and it is quite visible that it has been thoroughly cleaned.

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