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Cleaning Pet Poop and Diarrhea from Carpets

petdog-with-cap-morguefileIf you leave your pets unattended in your house, then there’s a chance that they might poop on your carpet. In worst case scenario, they might even leave liquid poo on your carpet if they have a diarrhea. Liquid poop is harder to clean than solid poop because they can easily stain the carpet that can discolor the carpet’s color. They also leave an unwanted odor in the area, which is a very unpleasant smell in the house if you leave them for a few days.

Cleaning pet poo is not hard a chore. All you need to do is to follow the instructions bellow, and you’ll be able to use your carpet in no time.

Below are two series of steps, the first one is dedicated for cleaning solid pet poop and the second one is used for cleaning pet diarrhea, that you can use to remove the pet poop from your carpet.

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Steps in Cleaning Pet Poop

1. Remove the Solid Substances

First, you’ll need to remove the solid substances from the carpet. Cover your hands with a plastic glove for germ and dirt protection. You can directly remove the solid substances from the carpet using your hands, but if you don’t want your gloves to get dirty, use a paper towel instead. Dispose the solid wastes into the trash can.

After removing the solid wastes from the carpet, get a brush and comb the area to remove the small solid particles. Don’t scrape the carpet too hard, so the weave will not look fuzzy.

You can also soak the paper towel in cold water if you’re dealing if the solid wastes are too sticky.

2. Clean the Stains

Soak a clean white towel in a mixture of warm water, laundry soap, and cleaning detergent. Gently rub it on the carpet to remove the stains. Don’t rub it too hard because this might damage the fibers of the carpet.
If your carpet was discolored because of the stain, apply OxiClean. Here are the guidelines to follow:



Spray the solution directly to the stained area.

Let the solution sit for 5 minutes.

Wash it with a sponge or white towel. Repeat this process until the color of the carpet comes back.

Vacuum the area afterwards.

If your pet frequently poops on the same area, clean the pad of the carpet because the dirt could have already penetrated the bottom part of the carpet. Use bleach and warm water to clean the pad of the carpet.

3. Deodorize and Disinfect

Removing the stains is not enough to clean your carpet. You must also disinfect and deodorize the area to remove the smell, so your pets won’t be seduced to poo again in your carpet. You can use neutralizing products like enzymatic cleaners to remove the odor. If you don’t have the budget, you can use the baking soda in your kitchen.

4. Prevent future accidents

If you don’t want to clean your carpets over and over again, provide a place for your pets to poo, or you can either train them to use the bath room or go to the backyard. If you’re a feline lover, provide your pet a litter box.

Steps in Cleaning Pet Diarrhea

1. Remove the moisture

Cover the area with paper towels. Allow the paper towels to absorb the moisture from the area. You can also use the paper towels to remove the solid substance if there’s any. Don’t rub the carpet because this will only spread the stains from the carpet.

2. Apply the cleaning solution

After drying the area, spray the dish soap over carpet and let the cleaning solution sit for a few minutes. Gently rub the area with a clean towel damp in cold water to remove the stain and odor. For better results, spray the area with a mixture of white vinegar and warm water. Let it soak for a few minutes and then dry it with a clean towel.

3. Vacuum and deodorize the area

Once the carpet dries, deodorize the area with a cleaning powder and vacuum it.

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