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Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Choosing the right cleaning solution for your carpet is important because regularly cleaning the carpet helps you to maintain the quality and color of your carpet for a long time. To determine the right cleaning solution for your carpet, here are four tips that you use:

1. Research about carpet cleaning methods

The five different types of carpet cleaning methods are the following: hot water extraction or steam cleaning, shampooing, bonnet cleaning, foam cleaning, and absorbent compound cleaning.

Steam cleaning applies a hot water cleaning solution to the carpet using a high pressure jet spray. This is the commonly method used by a professional cleaning company. Either a wet vacuum or truck mounted is used for this cleaning method to absorb the solution and dirt from the carpet. After removing the dust and dirt from the carpet, spray the spots and stains with a cleaning solution. Sometimes, professionals sprinkle a deodorizing powder over the carpet to remove the odor.



Shampooing, on the other hand, is the art of scrubbing the carpet in circular motion using a liquid detergent. This process creates foam that absorbs the soil and stains of the carpet. A vacuum is also use in this process to remove the foam from the carpet. This method is also useful for removing the foul odor of the carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning is also known as bonnet cleaning. In this method, heat and chemicals are extracted to the carpet to break down the oil and soil particles that accumulated from the stained area. A machine equipped with high rotating absorbent pads is used in this process to pick up the soil and dirt in the carpet. It is also often done in stages for better results.

Foam cleaning relies on both shampooing and dry cleaning because only a small amount of water is applied in this process. A carpet cleaning machine is utilized in this process to stir the foam into the fibers of the carpet. The machine also absorbs dust, soil particles, and other dirt materials in the carpet. This is method is not effective for removing stains in your carpet.

The absorbent cleaning solution uses a cleaning powder to remove the dirt and foul odor from the carpet. A vacuum is also used in this process to remove the powder from the carpet.

If you have prior knowledge about the different types of cleaning method, it will only be piece of cake for you to choose the most appropriate method for your carpet.

2. Determine what material your carpet is made from

This is important because of if you choose the wrong cleaning solution for your carpet there’s a chance that you might damage your carpet.

3. Stain-resistance carpet

If your carpet is already stain resistant, then there’s no need for you to choose a heavy cleaning solution methods like steam cleaning or foam cleaning. You can opt for an absorbent cleaning solution or dry cleaning method.

4. The amount of traffic in your house

If people frequently step on your carpet, then you should probably buy a carpet cleaning machine or hire a professional cleaning company to hasten the cleaning process.

These tips will help you choose the right cleaning solution for your carpet and to prevent any damages from the carpet. In no time, you’ll be able to display and utilize your carpet once again.

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