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How to Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

For a lot of households, having a good carpet cleaner for home use is all that is needed for clean carpet maintenance. However, sometimes, professional help can be make sense. In those cases, choosing a good professional carpet cleaning company to clean and maintain your carpets is vital. There are many who claim to be […]

Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Choosing the right cleaning solution for your carpet is important because regularly cleaning the carpet helps you to maintain the quality and color of your carpet for a long time. To determine the right cleaning solution for your carpet, here are four tips that you use: 1. Research about carpet cleaning methods The five different […]

Adverse Reactions To Carpet Cleaning Detergent May Have Caused Cat’s Demise

This is a sad story about Jenny, a 17-year-old Maine coon cat with long hair. Her owners had moved into a new condo. The carpet was recently cleaned before they moved in. It seemed like there was something left in the carpet cleaning chemicals that irritated Jenny. She would groom herself constantly, and drank a […]

Cleaning Pet Vomit From Carpets

Cats and dogs are awesome pets. They could be very good company. However, despite these reasons, you can’t deny the fact that these creatures can cause a lot of trouble and accidents inside your house. And one of the most common mishaps they do is to vomit on your carpet. Pet vomit may come in […]

How To Remove Pet Urine From Carpets

Carpets are hard to clean because they easily absorb dirt and stains especially if you have pets living in the house. Pet urine stains are hard to remove because they can penetrate the carpet that causes a sticky and unwanted odor. Carpet cleaning is an important household chore, although one you may not look forward […]

Carpet Cleaning Tip For Grease Stains

Here is a short video demonstrating how to clean carpet grease stains. The presenter is a carpet cleaning instructor for professional cleaners. This is an excerpt from his video series. Grease spots are typically found around entry ways, near the front and back doors, near the kitchen or by the garages. He uses dry solvents […]

Why Regular Home Carpet Cleaning Is Important

Home carpet cleaning can be a bothersome chore. However, the reward of restoring the freshness and beauty back to our carpets is very often worth the efforts. Carpets without proper cleaning quickly lose its beauty in due time. The soiling of carpets can unfold rather fast, even with regularly vacuuming and spot cleaning. Let’s take […]

Home Carpet Cleaning Tips

Are you finding your home carpet slowly losing its beauty? The continuous use and exposure to dust, dirt, and other particles is causing this. Previously, we have blogged about the importance of regular home carpet cleaning. Here are some home carpet cleaning tips to help you maintain its beauty without wasting much of your time […]