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Carpet Cleaner Chief Suspect In $40,000 Diamond Theft

diamond-shine-file000587822596On June 10 this year, 2014, New Canaan CT police arrested a carpet cleaner suspected of stealing a $40,000 diamond from the home of a woman getting her carpet cleaned. He was employed by a carpet cleaning company engaged to clean the home.

As reported by the New Times, a 2.15 carat diamond was pried from its setting. The owner had removed her engagement ring and wedding band the night before. She only discovered that the diamond was gone after the carpet cleaner left.

The diamond has yet to be found, and the suspect was scheduled for a court appearance.



Did the carpet cleaner really take the diamond? No one really knows. Police did find sufficient probable cause to arrest him.

Regardless, what’s important is that we should be careful when opening your home to strangers. It’s not a good idea to leave valuables lying around the home, at least not in open view. Sometimes, we are so busy planning things and getting errands done around the home that we forget our personal security.

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