Bonnet Dry Cleaning vs Steam Carpet Cleaning Side-by-Side Video Demo

This video demonstrates side-by-side, the difference between the Bonnet Dry Cleaning and Steam Carpet Cleaning methods. This is a very useful video to watch for anyone curious about carpet cleaning, or is looking for a good way to clean their carpets or for tips on selecting a good professional cleaner. The demonstration is done by a professional carpet cleaner with extensive professional carpet cleaning experience.

For someone who is looking to clean their carpets themselves using a home or rental cleaner, the demonstration will also shed light on the effectiveness of the hot water extraction method. Most consumer and rental grade carpet cleaners employ hot water extraction or steam cleaning technology. Note that only hot water, and no steam is used for cleaning, in spite of the term “steam cleaning.”

You can see at the end of the demonstration that the side of the carpet that has been steam cleaned is a lot cleaner. Notes to the video, presumably from the presenter, compares dry cleaning to cleaning “yourself down with wet towels” rather than “taking a shower.”







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