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Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush Carpet Cleaner 47B2 Review

Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2The Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 is a lightweight (under 13 pounds), versatile and feature-rich upright carpet cleaner that is capable of undertaking common household carpet or rug stain removal and cleaning work, even in homes with pets and lots of foot traffic.


As a small lightweight carpet cleaner, it is best suited for quick and convenient spot deep cleaning of smaller spaces or individual rooms to remove accidental or everyday spills and stains that come up. It could also be used for general carpet cleaning in small homes and apartments, in between more intense clean-ups. An added pleasant touch is that the Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush will always leave the cleaned area with a fresh, clean scent.

Note on models: Walmart offers the Bissell PowerForce PowerBrush Carpet Cleaner 47B2W, which is a similar model but comes in yellow and black instead of blue. Bissell regularly provides “unique” branded models for big retailers.

Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 Features & Benefits

Small & Lightweight

Bissell Lightweight Carpet Cleaner 47B2Weighing less than 14 pounds, the Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 is a best-selling Bissell’s lightweight upright deep cleaner. Users like that it is a carpet shampooer that is light enough to move around, packs a punch when it comes to cleaning your rugs or carpets, and doesn’t leave you hunched over in pain when you’re using it. Once you are done, the retractable handle makes it easy to store.

This carpet cleaner also has a small profile of roughly 9 inches in width and 16 inches in depth, plus a retractable handle. For most people, it’s easy to hold this in one hand, unlike the bigger regular-powered machines.



This machine is sometimes marketed as a Full-Sized carpet cleaner, but it is really a compact-sized upright deep carpet cleaner. It’s not going to be as powerful as Bissell’s regular upright cleaners, but it does a great job cleaning and is easy to carry and push around.


Deep Cleaning Power

The rotating DirtLifter PowerBrush not only removes the dirt that’s been ground into your carpet over time, but it also refreshes the pile of the carpet itself. This is one of the biggest advantages of using a carpet cleaner like the Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 instead of just a regular steam cleaner that only steams the carpet surface but does no deep cleaning. The end result for users are carpets that smell really fresh because the carpet threads have gone through a real deep cleaning.

If you are considering between this cleaner and the white Bissell ReadyClean 40N7 carpet cleaner, the main difference is in their brush systems. The motorized rotating DirtLifter Powerbrush is fitted into the Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 while the Bissell ReadyClean 40N7 has a stationary Cross ActionBrush system (ie. you scrub the carpet with the Cross ActionBrush brushhead as you move the cleaner).

DirtLifter & Edge Sweep Brushing

The Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 uses Bissell’s proven DirtLifter brushing system, a rotating brushing system that scrubs and grooms carpets. This is also the same brushing technology that powers Bissell’s larger more expensive cleaners. It also has Edge Sweep brushes, so users can still clean right up to the very edge of the baseboards in any room at home, ensuring that the corners of and edges of carpets are scrubbed clean as well.

8 Inch Cleaning Path

The cleaning path of this Bissell carpet cleaner is around 8 inches, which is that bit less than the usual 11-inch+ cleaning path you would find on larger, and more expensive carpet cleaning machines. The Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 is meant for cleaning smaller spaces. For small stretches of carpet or spot cleaning of a small room, an 8 inch path width works fine. A larger cleaner will work better if there are more rooms or areas to clean.

1/2 Gallon Tank Size

This Bissell cleaner has a 1/2 gallon water tank, which is more than enough for spot cleaning tasks, and thoroughly cleaning small carpeted areas of any home. If you’re deep cleaning the carpets or rugs of a bigger room, then you can expect to have to empty and refill the water tank several times. This is when having larger water tank comes in really handy; but that adds to the overall weight of any cleaner.

The 1/2 gallon tank size works very well for a smaller cleaning machine. There’s a tradeoff between the convenience of carrying a light water load and the hassle of re-filling and dumping the dirty water if you have a lot of ground to cover.

Hot Water Cleaning

Like almost all other carpet cleaning machines, lightweight or otherwise, you can use hot water with this machine for greater cleaning effectiveness. Fill the tank with hot but not boiling water, up to 140°F.

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Two-Tank System

The Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 upright deep cleaner comes with a separate clean and dirty water tank system. Clean water is filled into one tank, while dirty water goes into a collection tank. This is a departure from Bissell’s usual 2-in-1 bladder tank system. A two tank system is often preferred by users because it’s more straightforward to uses.

Power Rating

The Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush Deep Carpet Cleaner 47B2 has a power rating of 3 amps. This is lower than the usual 6 to 12 amps motors used by regular-grade home carpet cleaners.

Power Cord

The Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 has a 20-foot power cord, which is more than enough for most homes or apartments.


This carpet cleaner comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush Carpet Cleaner 47B2 Review

DirtLifter Deep Cleaning Works

Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 Dirtlifter brushesDirtLifter isn’t just a cute name for the brushes used in the Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 – these brushes do exactly what they say on the tin in that they dig deep into the pile of your carpet, find any old, ground-in dirt and then remove it with the minimum amount of fuss. The brushes themselves rotate to offer you even more cleaning power and ensuring that your carpet is groomed as well as being thoroughly cleaned. Users report great cleaning results from this cleaner, even removing or greatly reducing old pet and coffee stains.

Very Portable & Convenient, You’ll Actually Use it

Users like that convenience of the Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2. It weighs about 50% less (13 lbs vs. 25 lbs) than most other Bissell regular-grade models (Eg. Bissell Proheat 8852), and about 75% less (13 lbs vs. 40+ lbs) than a professional grade carpet cleaner. The retractable handle makes it so easy to store this carpet cleaning machine away in the closet.

Some users remarked that this is their favorite machine to use, it’s so easy to take out and use it to clean, and then store it away after use. The more they use it, the more value they get out of it. Obviously you need to purchase your carpet cleaner based on more factors than just weight alone, but we feel that as a carpet cleaning package, this Bissell is a great combination of power, performance and portability.

Highly Rated By Pet Owners

Although a small sized and lightweight upright machine, it cleans off pet messes without problems. One user was really pleased that it removed old pet urine stains from her Berber carpet. Another user, Carrie, mentioned how she was able to use the machine to clean out old pet urine stains uncovered through LED light detection. Yet another user with two dogs said that she was pleased with how the machine allowed her to tackle the pet stains without hiring costly carpet cleaning pros to do the job.

When cleaning out pet stains, remember to vacuum the area first to remove as much pet hair as possible. The carpet shampooer is meant for scrubbing and cleaning out stains. Pre-treating the stains with carpet detergent and the use of Pet Stain formulas can help make cleaning even more effective.

Bissell Detergent

Bissell recommends to use Bissell brand detergent in their carpet cleaners, regardless of what type of surface you might be cleaning. It’s important to remember that although cleaners like the Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 are very well made, that generic carpet cleaning formula can cause havoc with the mechanisms inside them. Bissell cleaning solutions that are popularly bought with this machine include the Bissell OXYgen BOOST Portable Machine Formula and Bissell 2X Pet Stain & Odor Portable Machine Formula.

Not Meant For Heavy Duty Cleaning

Keep in mind that this is a lightweight machine and not meant for heavy duty home or commercial cleaning. If you attempt to use this carpet cleaner in a commercial manner you’ll find out very quickly it’s simply not up to the task. You can learn about the 4 main types of Carpet Cleaners here.

Bissell manufactures a variety of commercial carpet cleaners which will suit any cleaning requirement, so consider one of those instead. You could also rent one from the supermarket. For regular home carpet cleaning that gets close to professional quality results, check out this list of regular-grade home carpet cleaners.

Compared To Other Lightweight Cleaners

Compared To Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush 1622

Compared to the Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2, the lightweight Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush 1622 offers greater cleaning power. The ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 has a weaker motor of 3 amps vs. 6 amps in the Bissell PowerLifter 1622. The PowerLifter 1622 also has more rows of DirtLifter brushes than the PowerBrush 47B2.

The better cleaning performance does come at a price – the PowerLifter 1622 is slightly heavier at 16.4 pounds, uses a 2-in-1 bladder tank system, and is more bulky. The Bissell PowerLifter 1622 is a lightweight carpet cleaner with cleaning results that can rival regular-grade home carpet cleaners like the Bissell Proheat 8852, but may not be as portable and convenient to use as the Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2.

Another disadvantage of the Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush 1622 is that it is an older model, and may not be as stylish in its outward appearance.

Depending on which points about the machines are more important to you, one cleaner would make more sense than the other. See full Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush 1622 review >>

Compared To White-Colored Bissell ReadyClean 40N7

This machine, the Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2, is closest in power amperage, style and size (but not color) to the white-colored Bissell Ready Clean Carpet Cleaner 40N7. Compared to the Bissell 40N7, the Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 47B2 uses Bissell’s proven DirtLifter technology with a motorized rotating brush-roll. Bissell 40N7’s use of Cross ActionBrush technology is based on a non-motorized brush-head. The scrubbing action only happens when you manually push the cleaner around. DirtLifter brushes rotate and scrub carpets, while Cross ActionBrushes do not rotate. DirtLifter is the brushing technology powering Bissell’s standard full-powered cleaners.

Some users were disappointed with the Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush 40N7 because of its non-motorized brush-head. Other than that, both are built similarly and share the same user manual. See full Bissell ReadyClean 40N7 review >>

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Should You Buy The Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush Upright Carpet Cleaner 47B2?

For anyone who needs a carpet cleaner that is lightweight, small, easy-to-use and to store, this is the best machine that will take care of those everyday stains from pets, foot traffic and coffee spills. It is also suitable for general maintenance and cleaning of carpets for small home and apartments, in between more serious cleanings. For it’s price, it provides tremendous value – everyday clean carpets without the fuss of handling a heavy machine.

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