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Bissell Pet Carpet Cleaners 17N4, 17N4P & 36Z9 Compared

bissell-17n4-17n4p-36z9-comparisonBissell offers consumers lots of choices in terms of pet carpet cleaner models. A very popular choice is the Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Cleaner 17N4. Before purchasing, shoppers usually like to compare the Premier Pet 17N4 with the next model up – the Bissell DeepClean Deluxe 36Z9. It’s often hard to tell the difference.

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To add to the confusion, besides the regular 17N4 package, Bissell offers another package configuration, the Bissell DeepClean Professional 17N4P. This article explains the differences amongst these models/packages to help our readers can choose the best purchase for their needs.


As the model number suggests, Bissell DeepClean Premier 17N4 and Bissell DeepClean Professional 17N4P are almost identical machines. The main differences between the 17N4 and 17N4P are that the Bissell 17N4P package comes with a more expensive set of handtool attachments; and that the Bissell 17N4P machine has a more durable nozzle similar to the Bissell DeepClean Deluxe 36Z9. The Bissell 36Z9 is similar to the Bissell 17N4/ 17N4P in design. In addition, it incorporates the CleanShot trigger feature, larger EdgeSweep brushes and a durable nozzle.

Summary/ Which One To Choose?

All 3 are Bissell Pet cleaner models with Bissell’s unique Pet Hair Basket feature. For most pet owners, the Bissell DeepClean Premier 17N4 should do a sufficiently good job. Of the 3 models, it is the least fanciful.



If your pets periodically have stomach issues and leave vomit/fecal messes around the carpet, you may want to look into the Bissell 17N4P package as it comes with a more specialized Pet Stain Trapper cleaning tool. (You should still manually scrap off any semi-solid matter from the carpet before cleaning.)

The Bissell Deluxe Pet 36Z9 is best equipped for stains cleaning since it comes with both the CleanShot feature and the Pet Stain Trapper cleaning tool as the Bissell 36Z9.

The names and product listings of each of the machines compared are:

Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner 17N4 (Buy from Amazon)

Bissell DeepClean Professional Pet Carpet Cleaner 17N4P (Buy from Amazon)

Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner 36Z9 (Buy from Amazon)

Cleanshot Trigger (Bissell DeepClean Deluxe 36Z9)


Out of the 3 models, only the Bissell DeepClean Deluxe comes with the CleanShot Trigger feature. This helps to clean out tough, embedded stains. By aiming and pressing on this trigger on a stained carpet area, extra carpet cleaning detergent will be released. It can be used as a pre-treatment, or else engaged during the carpet cleaning process. Although the feature may not sound like exciting technology, it definitely gives stains cleaning an added boost.

The Clean Shot feature makes the carpet deep cleaning process easier if you are dealing with a lot of stains and dirty spots. If you use a machine that does not have this feature, you may end up having to stop the machine a few times to spray extra detergent on the spot, adding to the trouble needed.

DuraStrength Nozzle (Bissell 17N4P and Bissell 36Z9)


According to their Amazon listings, both the Bissell 17N4P and Bissell 36Z9 have reinforced nozzles. This makes the machines more durable if the nozzles are knocked around during cleaning.

EdgeSweep Brushes


All models have EdgeSweep brushes. EdgeSweep brushes allow the machine to clean the sliver of carpet closest to the baseboards. Compared to the Bissell 17N4 and 17N4P, the Bissell 36Z9 has larger EdgeSweep brushes.

Deep Reach Pet Tool Vs Pet Stain Trapper Tool

The Bissell 17N4 has the Deep Reach pet tool (approx. $40 retail value) attachment. This handtool attachment features “needles” that will reach down to the bottom of the carpet to inject cleaning solution. The bottom-up cleaning allows for deep carpet stains to be thoroughly removed.

Both the Bissell 17N4P and Bissell 36Z9 packages include the Pet Stain Trapper Tool (approx. $50 retail value). This tool is designed to trap pet messes in a removable container, thus preventing the mess from being sucked into the machine itself and clogging it.

3 Inch Stain Tool vs 6 Inch Stair Tool

The Bissell 17N4P comes with a 6 inch stair tool (approx. $15 retail value), compared to the smaller 3 inch stain tool (approx. $7 retail value) that is packaged with the Bissell 17N4 and Bissell 36Z9.

All the tools mentioned can be purchased separately. They all work with each of these machine models.

For more Bissell carpet cleaner comparisons, check out more Bissell Carpet Cleaners Reviews. This guide gives a more general overview of Bissell carpet cleaners, featuring other models like Portable Spot cleaners and Combo units.

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Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner 17N4 (Buy from Amazon)

Bissell DeepClean Professional Pet Carpet Cleaner 17N4P (Buy from Amazon)

Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner 36Z9 (Buy from Amazon)

Summary Comparison/Which One To Buy?

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