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Bissell Little Green Spot And Stain Carpet Cleaner 1400 Review

The Bissell Little Green Spot and Stain Cleaning Machine 1400 (1400M, 1400W, 1400B, 1400J etc) is a classic compact deep carpet cleaner with a long history. Although an older model, the Little Green Spot and Stain Cleaning Machine is still being manufactured and purchased regularly by customers who specifically seek out the model name and classic design. It continues to be a top customer choice for a reliable mid-range portable deep cleaner.

The Little Green appeals as a uniquely designed earth-friendly deep cleaner, with least 50% of it’s casing produced from recycled plastics. It features a 3″ cleaning tool and sprays and dries carpeting and upholstery in a single step. It is lightweight, highly portable, and has a compact-sized 48 oz dirty tank capacity.

Note: The Bissell Little Green comes in different model numbers like the 1400M, 1400B, 1400W or 1400J. The difference is mainly the color of the machine and included package accessories.

There is also version of this portable cleaning unit that comes with a built-in heater – the Bissell Little Green ProHeat 14259. Some shoppers are attracted to the extra internal heating feature, but one has to consider that this could complicate the machine’s operations, and add to the weight and price of item. Even without an internal heater, users can add hot (not boiling) water to this machine for cleaning. The tank is small enough that the water should stay warm during the cleaning process.


Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner 1400M Features

Bissell Little Green Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner 1400M Cleaning Carpet Stain

Lighweight & Compact – At 12 lbs, it’s light enough to be easily toted around on its handle. The machine measures 17.25 x 12.5 x 8.25 inches.

3 Amps Motor – The 3-amp motor provides good suction. The user manual should be referred to in order to use the suction feature to the best advantage.

3 Inch Cleaning Path – The package comes with a 3 inch tool for scrubbing out stains. There is no additional crevice tool, unlike the Bissell Little Green ProHeat 14259.



48 oz Tank Capacity & Two Separate Water Tank Chambers – The tank size of 48 oz is generous for a compact mid-range machine. There are two separate tank chambers for storing clean and dirty water.

15 Feet Power Cord – The power cord for this corded Little Green machine is 15′ long.

One-Year Limited Warranty – The one-year limited warranty protects against breakage or damage caused by normal use, and guarantees free repair or replacement during the warranty period.

Bissell Little Green 1400 Spot and Stain Cleaning Machine Overall Review

The Bissell Little Green Spot and Stain Cleaning machine (1400M, 1400B, 1400J etc) does a very good job of cleaning up spots and stains, and pet owners have been particularly pleased with it. Users find this machine a convenient appliance to have at home as it deep cleans carpets, beyond removing surface dirt.

The machine has good suction power, and together with a good detergent solution mix, even older stains get taken out. Compared to manually using stain cleaner and blotting out the area, the Little Green spot cleaner actually deep cleans and offers a much improved, easier and effective experience.

Ideal for Cleaning up Pet Messes

The Bissell Little Green Machine is great for cleaning up pet messes, both fresh and old. Its light weight and portability, plus the fact that it can be stored away without having to empty the solution tank means it is ready to clean up a pet mess at a moment’s notice.

Can be Used on Carpet, Upholstery, Auto, and Stairs

The Bissell Little Green Compact 1400M cleaner is primary designed for use on small spots, spills, and stains, but lends itself for use on larger areas as well, including stairs, car seats, and floor mats. For this reason, it is also called a multi-purpose cleaner. The 48 oz tank capacity results is a good size. When compared with similar compact machines with typically smaller water tank chambers, it results in fewer trips being needed to empty the tank when cleaning multiple spots and stains.


Several users have reported problems with the water trigger either breaking or leaking. The main complaint appears to be that the catch tank and nozzle tend to get dirty quickly and are not easy to clean. The same is true to some extent with the hose. The sprayer has a tendency to become gummed up. The nozzle is particularly troublesome in that it cannot be detached for cleaning. The cleaning issues can usually be avoided however if the unit is periodically cleaned, or cleaned after each use by flushing it out with clean water, as Bissell recommends.

Overall most users have been quite happy with this model; especially pet owners. Despite the complaints, the fact that many users have had one for several years speaks well of its durability.

Comparing the Bissell 1400 with the SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner 5207

In some ways, the SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner 5207 was designated as the successor to the Bissell Little Green 1400 compact cleaner. It hasn’t quite turned out that way as yet. Shoppers continue to like and recommend the Little Green, so it continues to be manufactured and bought all the time.

We also noticed that overall user satisfaction ratings for the Bissell Little Green was higher when compared to the Bissell SpotClean portable 5207 across major online shopping sites.

The newer SpotClean portable cleaner 5207 model employs Heatwave Technology to maintain water’s warm temperature, so it makes the cleaning more effective. Two additional advantages of the newer unit are the two-year limited warranty as opposed to a one-year warranty; and secondly, user reviews do not indicate as many problems encountered with cleaning the machine nozzle.

The tank size of the Bissell 1400 is 48 oz, which is larger than the 37 oz of the Bissell SpotClean 5207. However, the Bissell SpotClean 5207 has a slimmer profile and weighs less, so there is also a tradeoff between the size/weight of the carpet spot cleaner and how much water it can carry for cleaning without refilling.

Comparing the Bissell 1400M with the Little Green ProHeat 14259

The Bissell Little Green ProHeat 14259’s build and features are similar to Bissell 1400M, except that it includes an internal water heater. It features a 3″ tough stain brush that comes with the Bissell 1400, and in addition, a deep-reach crevice tool. Like the Bissell 1400B, the clean and dirty water tanks of the Little Green ProHeat 14259 are removable and also 48 oz in capacity.

Amongst all 3 machines, the Bissell Little Green ProHeat 14259 is usually the most expensive compared to the other two. Prices will change over time, so be sure to check before purchasing. Compare this with more portable carpet cleaners.

Should You Buy the Bissell Little Green 1400 Spot and Stain Cleaning Machine?

The Bissell Little Green 1400 works as a convenient lightweight cleaner for spots and stains. It’s easy-to-use and works very well for “zapping out” tough stains. Users include pet owners, parents of young children and general users looking to get the everyday messes off their carpets as they develop. It not expensive and a lot of shoppers find that it offers tremendous value for what it can do.

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  1. Beverly whitaker says

    This is the very best little carpet cleaner. I have only had 2, each lasted about 8 years. Never had 1 problem with it. I read the negative reviews, those people must be ignorant, this is the simplest machine there is. You must use carpet cleaner in them, not dish soap or something else. Rinse the dirty water tank once in a while. I tried the spot shot one, it was horrible. I thought of buying 2or 3 to keep on hand for years to come in case they quit making it. I don’t ever want to be with out my Little Green Machine!

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