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Bissell BG10 Big Green Commercial Carpet Extractor Review

Bissell Bg10 Big Green Commercial Carpet Extractor

The Bissell Bg10 Big Green Commercial Carpet Extractor is an entry level commercial grade machine meant for commercial cleaning jobs. It cleans extremely well, is built-to-last and cost-effective.

If you need an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use commercial carpet extractor, the Bissell BG10 BigGreen Commercial cleaner is well worth a careful look at.

Bissell, after all, has more than 100 years of expertise in manufacturing some of the best cleaning tools in the world. This commercial carpet cleaner is culmination of their many years of experience in engineering carpet extractors. This particular carpet cleaner fills the niche for an entry level commercial carpet cleaner which doesn’t cost thousands of dollars – in fact you’ll probably be surprised at just how cost-effective the Bissell BG10 is.

Before we proceed to the full review, let’s clear up some common confusions that readers have with the Big Green BG10 machine and other Bissell models that appear similar. The Big Green BG10 deep cleaner is also sold as the Bissell 10N2 – an older label for it.

The Bissell BG10 is the same machine as the Bissell 86T3 (branded for non-commercial use), except for external packaging differences, such as having a yellow colored power cord and no hose attachment and upholstery cleaning tool ($60 value). Since they both cost about the same, the Bissell 86T3 is actually a better deal IF you are buying the cleaner for consumer use only. See Bissell BG10 vs 86T3 comparison. Professional carpet cleaners looking to do commercial jobs would still want to pick the Bissell BG10/10N2 model because of it’s commercial warranty terms.

Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 Deep Carpet Cleaner Features & Benefits

Bissell Bg10 Big Green Commercial Carpet Extractor side view

Dual Water Tanks

Anyone investing in this particular Bissell carpet shampooer/washer is going to be cleaning large floor areas, so the last thing you’ll want to have to do is spend half your time going back and forth to the sink to empty tiny water tanks. The Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 Deep Carpet Cleaner deals with that particular annoyance by featuring two large, and entirely separate, 1.75 gallon water tanks – the dirty water tank is located on top, and the clean water tank is located at the bottom of the cleaner. Having two water tanks is also considered by many carpet cleaner users to be a better experience than a single “bladder” that is used in regular grade Bissell upright carpet cleaners.

Dual Motors

Unlike most other smaller carpet cleaning machines, the Bissell BG10 has two motors running inside it, with one of them used to turn the cleaning brushes, while the other one runs the suction function of this cleaner. This means that you have far more power at your disposal. For anyone buying this to perform commercial cleaning, it provides added assurance that there is sufficient power at their disposal.

Flow Indicator

This neat feature removes all the guess work when using this carpet cleaner, trying to gauge how much water you have left in comparison to solution. This means you can avoid running out of water and solution right in the middle of cleaning a room. The BG10 uses less water than other smaller carpet cleaners to clean an area of the same size, making it more environmentally friendly too.

Adjustable Handle

Because the Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 is that bit bigger than smaller household carpet extractors you’ll be pleased to note that the handle on this model folds down, making it easier to store in small spaces, or just to transport.

Edge-To-Edge Suction

The BG10 doesn’t come with any separate hose attachments, so you need it to do a great job on your carpet first time around. Thankfully the edge-to-edge cleaning capabilities of this carpet shampooer means that any carpet you use this commercial cleaner on will be thoroughly cleaned, and will also dry more quickly thanks to the dedicated suction motor.

DirtLifter Brushes

The BG10 commercial carpet extractor incorporates Bissell’s proven DirtLifter cleaning brushes cleaning technology – a powerful brushing technology that will loosen dirt and embedded stains from carpets. As we mentioned earlier the BG10 has two motors inside it, and one of those is used solely to drive the DirtLifter cleaning brushes, ensuring that your carpets are deep-cleaned every single time. Dual motors should also ensure this cleaner has a longer active life than most of its smaller counterparts.

Forward and Back Cleaning

A true commercial carpet shampooer can provide cleaning and suction all the way through the shampooing process, and the BG10 doesn’t disappoint in this regard either. The fact that it can clean continuously also means that you can cut down the amount of time it takes to clean each room thoroughly.

Cord Length

The BG10 features a 1 feet black power cord plus 25-foot yellow power cord extension, which gives you an overall cleaning radius of roughly over 50-feet – more than enough for the vast majority of large family homes, or commercial premises.


The Bissell BG10 BigGreen Commercial Carpet Extractor comes with a 1-year warranty. This warranty has no commercial or rental use exclusions. That’s what makes this machine a great choice for a anyone looking to use this machine for commercial jobs.

Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 Deep Carpet Cleaner Review

Commercial Cleaning Power

Not everyone is going to need the kind of cleaning power the BG10 has on offer, but if you are looking for a entry-level professional/ commercial cleaner you’ll be pleased to see just how quickly the BigGreen can clean vast areas of carpet. Using Bissell-approved cleaning solution can mean literally only having to go over a stretch of carpet once to clean it, once to remove excess water and then you can move on. This is in direct comparison to having to run a smaller carpet cleaner several times over the same patch of carpet to see any noticeable results.

Environmentally Friendly

Although this is a large carpet cleaning machine, and has equally large water tanks, it actually uses a surprisingly small amount of water to clean carpets. This is down to Bissell having calculated the flow required for expert cleaning to the smallest possible degree. Less water also means less dampness, so whatever carpets you’re cleaning will be ready for use again in almost no time at all.

Quick and Easy

There’s no assembly required for you to start using the BigGreen BG10, and the lack of accessories also means there’s less “stuff” for you to worry about. Simply fill up the water tanks, add Bissell carpet cleaning shampoo solution, and you’re good to go.

Compared To The Bissell 86T3 Deep Cleaner

Bissell Commerical BG10 = Bissell Professional Deep Cleaner 86T3

The Bissell Big Green BG10 deep cleaner is the same machine as the Bissell Professional Deep Cleaner 86T3, but packaged for commercial users. The only differences between the BG10 and 86T3 are in external packaging, accessories and warranty.

The BG10 comes with a yellow detachable power cord extension, and does not have the hose attachment and stain tool that the Bissell 86T3 Professional Deep Cleaner has. The Bissell 86T3 has a 5 year warranty period (for home use only), while the BG10 has a 1 year warranty period. As they are priced around the same, the Bissell 86T3 offers a lot better value to home users.

On the internet, there is a rumor going around that the BG10 has two motors, whereas the 86T3 has only a single motor. This is highly unlikely. Both the Bissell BG10 and 86T3 have two motors (vacuum and brush) featured in their schematic diagrams and listed as replacement parts. In fact, one user who had to replace the BG10 brush motor after 5 years was asked by a Bissell representative to purchase the replacement brush motor for the Bissell 86T3 for his BG10 machine. Other consumers said they were told by Bissell representatives that both models are the same machine – both have 2 motors.

The main reason why people think of the BG10 as having two motors is because that is how the cleaner has been promoted by Bissell. Sometimes, marketing messages focus on certain features, but that does not mean that the advertised product is the only product out there with the advertised features. See Bissell 86T3 review >>

One-Year Warranty Has No Home Use Only Restriction

The one year warranty offered on the Bissell BG10 does not have a commercial use restriction. In contrast, the Bissell 86T3, which is meant for home users, has a clause that limits the warranty to consumers’ home use only. For people considering purchasing the carpet cleaner for carrying out commercial jobs, the BG10 is the right model to get rather than the Bissell Big Green 86T3.

Things to Look Out For

It’s Big

Bissell didn’t call this carpet extractor the ‘BigGreen’ without good reason – it’s physically quite large, and can also be somewhat heavy when moving it around at first. With that being said the ABS design of the main body reduces the amount of weight involved, and once you’re actually moving this carpet cleaner you’ll be surprised at how light it feels. The machine weighs 42 pounds.

No Attachments

The lack of hose attachment with this carpet shampooer isn’t exactly a deal breaker for most people, plus they can be rented from most local hardware stores for a few bucks. In addition, when you think about it, the main function of this carpet cleaner is to operate in commercial premises – not to clean upholstery, even though it’s perfectly capable of doing that. An upholstery attachment package that includes a 10 foot hose and 5.5 inches tool can be purchased separately.

Bissell Cleaning Solution

If you want the best possible results when cleaning any carpet with the BG10 carpet shampooer and washer then we would recommend using only Bissell-brand cleaning solution – there are literally dozens of Bissell cleaning products to choose from. According to the usual manual, the use of non-Bissell branded solution could harm the machine and void the warranty. The recommended formula to use with the BG10 is the Bissell BigGreen Completeā„¢ Formula.

Should You Buy The Bissell BG10 Big Green Commercial Deep Carpet Cleaner?

The Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 is Bissell’s toughest and highest rated carpet cleaning machine that provides commercial quality results. For business users looking to purchase a high quality commercial shampooer machine for commercial jobs, this is a machine that delivers high quality results without breaking the bank. Overall, the Bissell BG10 offers tremendous value and effectiveness for commercial cleaning.

Bissell BG10 Big Green Commercial Carpet Extractor Deals

For home users, the Bissell BG10 Commercial Carpet Extractor is the same model as the Bissell Big Green 86T3 Professional deep carpet cleaner. They are priced almost the same. Since the Bissell Big Green 86T3 package includes extra attachments for cleaning upholstery and stains, and a longer warranty period (for non-commercial use), we recommend readers to seriously consider getting the Bissell Big Green 86T3 instead.

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  1. Mitchel Killinger says

    I used the 86T3 for 4 years as an add-on for our cleaning company. We made over $12,000 in carpet cleaning revenue. Never had any issues we did not cause. Of the 3 issues we had: freezing flow indicator, break in clear plastic cover near suction inlet and attachments coming loose… ALL three have been corrected in the new model. Attachments now can be screwed in, flow indicator is now made of two plastics and is freeze-proof and clear top now has a thicker plastic near that weak area. Tell me any company that on top of their product’s quantity. I switched to the BG10 for the longer/replaceable cord and the commercial label only. We sold our 86T3 for $250 used as it was still in great shape, even after hundreds of several hour uses. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Did I forget to mention, several apartment complexes have switched to our carpet cleaning service due to quality issues with truck mounted carpet cleaning companies. You will be blown away.

    • Diana Vanegas says

      Dear Mitchell,

      Can you please suggest me the size of products that you use to clean in order to take advantage and take the major utility for use this machine for business?. Until now we made our first 1000 meters, and definetely this machine and products are excellent.

  2. Kathryn Shampine says

    I rented the Big Green Machine from Lowes. It does the best cleaning job of any others that I have rented in the past. However, it has left vacuum lines on my carpet that will not go away when I vacuum it. The carpet is clean, so no complain there. I hope I have explained the problem. WE thought maybe it was too much soap, but I measured and used Bissell multi-purpose with OXY. we thought that a plain water rinse would help.

  3. I m new to commercial cleaning and I am looking through many different equipment purchases, All the results i am seeing is pointing to the BG10, however my question is how does this work with Manufacture warranties? I am also in search of the specs on this machine and so far have not had much luck, other than the size that is mentioned here on this page. I would like to know the PSI and the heat if this machine is equipped with heat?

    • Hi Liz, the Bissell BG 10 has PSI 26 pump pressure. There is no built-in heater included, users add hot/warm tap water to the tank. The manufacturer’s warranty is through Bissell. Best, Cassandra

  4. I am a maintenance man at a appartment complex I had to bring home the 86T3 to do some repairs after I fixed it my wife used it on our carpets now she wants one.

  5. Can anyone tell me what height the BG10 folds down to? I’m pricing trailers and need to know what depth I will need. Thanks in advance.

    • clean368 says

      Hi Bill, I could be wrong, but I believe it folds down to around 25 inches in height. You may want to call Bissell for a definite answer. Best, Cassandra

  6. There are a few things not mentioned here that I thought I could elaborate on from experience with both machines. First, the 86T3 does NOT have edge-to-edge suction (specifically called “surround suction), so it will require more passes when cleaning. Also, the cord on the BG10 is detachable and grounded with a 3rd prong (i.e. longer cords, replaceable if pinched or cut, less chance of electrical damage to the motors). Some other differences include a soft bumper, hardened plastic on certain parts, and the dirty water tank is infused with “Microban Antimicrobial Protection” to kill bacteria. IMO these features are worth getting the BG10 for even residential uses. Sure, you lose the 5 year warrantee and included hand tool with the 86t3, but you get a lot more in return.

    • I am confused about these two machines. In fact, they look exactly and should be because it makes no sense that Bissell manufactures a second machine apparently identical but changing those less evident features that JP remarks. But, in the other hand, if it is the same, why the price is so different?. The attachment, cleaning solution and warranty can worth almost 100$ so something should justify this or is it just commercial strategy?

      • Hi Ana – Thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s confusing. I think you are on the right track when you mentioned “commercial strategy” at the end. Our best guess is that the difference more to do with Bissell wanting to provide two different packages for two different types of users – home users and commercial users. Home users buying the Bissell Big Green 86T3 will get the attachment accessories and longer warranty. Bissell probably want to provide a really sweet deal for home users to encourage more purchases. Commercial users have different budgets and needs, such that the BG10 package would still make sense for people buying the machine to do cleaning jobs.

        Thanks to JP’s great comment as well!

        – Cassandra

      • Jorge Benjumea says

        If you use the machine for commercial purposes, then that is where the difference lies. Because you will be using it more often and for much larger areas…that’s it makes sense?

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