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Auto Detailing With Bissell Little Green Proheat – Tips From A Pro

This is a great video of someone who used to do professional car detailing cleaning his car carpets. For anyone (experienced or not) looking to clean your car interiors, you can probably pick up some good tips even.

Tools Used

The tools he used are a carpet brush, carpet cleaner shampoo and the Bissell Little Green Proheat portable extractor machine. The presenter actually removed his car seats. If that’s too difficult to do right away and you want to keep the seats in place, his car carpet cleaning methodology can still be applied.

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Use Of Carpet Brush Smart

What’s interesting is that he used a carpet brush and carpet cleaner to scrub the carpets. For most regular people, we would just use the brushing mechanism on the carpet cleaning machine. In this demo, the Bissell Little Green Proheat was used for the purpose of extracting the water and cleaning mix off the carpets. He mentioned in the text explanation that he did not think much of the carpet brush on the Bissell Little Green Proheat.

That’s probably why he scrubbed and shampooed the carpets separately with a carpet brush at the beginning. This is a good tip. We may not use it all the time, but it can be applied whenever we want a deeper clean, or if there are difficult spots to clean up. This cleaning methodology can work not just car carpet dirt, but for spots and stains on our home carpets as well.

You Don’t Really Need a $1000 Machine

One youtube commenter asked if he has tried a Mytee extractor machine. Mytee is a professional extractor machine and they typically cost $800 to $1000 and more. The presenter replied that he had in the past for professional jobs, and it worked very fast. For the purpose of cleaning his carpet carpets a few times a year and routine maintenance, the Bissell Little Green Proheat (around $100) works well. He mentioned he has also used the Bissell Little Green Proheat in some paid jobs as well and he was able to provide great results.

Wet Vac or Little Green Extractor?

Some people would use a similar methodology but instead of a portable extracter like the Bissell Little Green, they could be using a shop vac or wet vac. See how this guy does it. The main difference is that the shop vac will not spray any water. Using a portable carpet cleaner allows water to be sprayed and this helps to rinse out the carpet shampoo. The problem with leaving carpet shampoo deposits on car carpets is that carpets tend to get dirty quickly. The soap left on the carpet threads will attract dirt.

More Info

Interested readers can learn more about the Little Green Proheat here. You can also compare it with other portable carpet cleaners here.


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