Adverse Reactions To Carpet Cleaning Detergent May Have Caused Cat’s Demise

Happy Cat

Note: This is not Jenny.

This is a sad story about Jenny, a 17-year-old Maine coon cat with long hair. Her owners had moved into a new condo. The carpet was recently cleaned before they moved in. It seemed like there was something left in the carpet cleaning chemicals that irritated Jenny. She would groom herself constantly, and drank a lot of water. Eventually, after about 6 months, she died. You can read the full article here.

Her owner suspects that something in the carpet shampoo led to Jenny’s unfortunate demise. She wrote to the newspaper to let readers know to be careful about the carpet detergent that they are using. Toxic ingredients in carpet shampoos is something to be mindful of. According to professionals, carpet detergents that contain formaldehyde and butoxyethanol could be harmful. When choosing a new detergent, check out feedback from other cat or pet owners to see if their pets were OK with it.

Toxic detergent left in the carpet could also affect children, and even adults, although we may overlook it. Do pay attention to any adverse effects or feelings you or your kids may develop after carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction or carpet steam cleaning, the cleaning method used in home carpet cleaning machines, is widely considered a safe carpet cleaning method. If possible, consider doing a clean water-only rinsing cycle to remove residual detergent from the carpets.



Picture Credit: By Kaz on Pixabay, Public Domain CC0 license.


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