A Way To Remove Dog Urine From Carpet

This video demonstrates how to remove odor from portions of a carpet that have been dirtied with dog’s urine or waste. The product endorsed is Anti Icky Poo, which contains enzymes that deal with bacteria that feast on the excretions and let out foul odor in the process. One may use a pump-up spray to control the flow of the fluid when applying to affected portions. Alternatively, one may use a carpet injector that enables the liquid to permeate layers of a carpet and reach all bacteria.

With the use of an injector, removing dog urine from carpet is most effective. Unfortunately, treating an area once may not be effective. The action of enzymes releases a strong odor so as long as the smell lingers, one has to reapply the product.

The demonstrator provides other tips on how to regain an odor-free house without making it pet-free also. It is also possible to reach the company through a link the demonstrator provided in case users need further assistance. Another approach to handling pet urine stains with items you may already have on hand is covered here.

Folex Carpet Spot Remover


For fast and efficient dog urine and pet stains cleaning, consider a modern-day appliance like a Pet Carpet Cleaner Machine. On a related note, there are many ways to remove pet stains from carpets. One common “home remedy” for cleaning pet stains is vinegar.







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